Finding the Light

3013. The population of the Earth now lives underground hiding from the nuclear waste that has been left behind.

But the time has come and two people must leave the shelter.


3. Shelter

There were those who predicted the coming of The End and were prepared when it eventually did happen. They built underground shelters with walls lined with ten tonnes of lead that they hoped would protect them from the radiation. The food they had was tinned and had long expiry dates but even that was not enough. They had to find alternative sources of food for when the tins ran out and they also had to find an alternate source of water.

Some areas had this already; underground springs and some edible plant life but most areas did not, therefore it became a race to survive. Scientists had to advance technology quickly and they began to create machines that would recycle urine into water. That was perfected soon enough but they had real trouble in creating food that did not spoil. They tried everything, from using bacteria to multiply and create food to cloning animals that would not die for a very long time. None of this worked and eventually they gave up. No one had any hope left; to them all was lost. 

However, there was one man, not a scientist, not a genius but a simple minded man. His name was Joseph and he created the solution to the problem. He invented a machine, a wondrous machine, that could create something out of nothing. Nobody knows exactly how it was achieved and no one fully understands the science behind it but they do know that it works. 

It was kept a secret; known only to those who had seen the coming of The End. Joseph had not wanted the product to go global as he feared for the sanity of the people. If they were allowed what they wanted when they wanted it the world would fall into disarray. Nobody would work and the outside world would be forgotten. So he ensured that it was only the shelters that had the machines and the blueprints to make more. 

Thanks to this machine the world has survived up to now. 

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