Finding the Light

3013. The population of the Earth now lives underground hiding from the nuclear waste that has been left behind.

But the time has come and two people must leave the shelter.


5. Preparations

Four months prior to this date the preparations began in Shelter 27. The leader of the shelter had called everyone between the ages of eighteen and twenty two (in accordance with the prophecy) to the main hall. It was a private affair, with only those concerned in attendance. 

The men and women who had respiratory problems or other health concerns were dismissed almost immediately; the leader wanted only the fittest to choose from. There were twenty two males and sixteen females left for choosing. The leader of Shelter 27- Peter III- then set about training the young adults. For the next three months they were almost completely secluded from the rest of the people, only leaving the training regime for important Shelter affairs. Every day they would be pushed to their limits with both physical and mental training. Some dropped out and decided that they would not continue with the relentless programme. The leader was sometimes disappointed in the decisions that were made by the young adults but he knew that if they weren't prepared to train then they most certainly would not be prepared to go topside. 

It was obvious right from the start that twenty year old Henry Murphy would be the male to go topside. He had been training since birth to be the best that he could be in the hope of doing so. He was almost six feet tall and had sandy coloured skin that matched the golden hue of his hair. His eyes were the colour of sapphires and he had a jawline that looked as if it could carve diamond. In addition to this he could beat any other of the males in any physical battle without so much as a bruise. He was truly a  man of steel. He knew that the fight to go topside would also rely heavily on his mental ability and Henry had ensured that he had excellent knowledge that could be used to pass the mental aptitude test. Training was a breeze for Henry. 

Griffon had just turned eighteen when the meeting was called. If her birthday had been three days later then she would have gotten out of training and would not be in the running to go topside. Training was not what she had wanted, her parents had forced her to remain until the very end. She was a small girl with dark brown, almost black, hair. Her eyes were of a similar, perhaps slightly lighter, shade. She was most certainly not prepared for the physical challenges that training presented her and she found it almost impossible to cope with that aspect. However, ever since she had first started school it was clear that she was a prodigy. Her understanding and capability to learn astounded most of the adults and she became the first girl in he history of her shelter to become a practicing doctor by the age of sixteen. She had been an asset to the health of almost everyone in Shelter 27 since she became a doctor. But that did not make her exempt from going topside. 


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