Finding the Light

3013. The population of the Earth now lives underground hiding from the nuclear waste that has been left behind.

But the time has come and two people must leave the shelter.


2. Legend

The year is 3013 and 995 years ago was The End. Books from the time tell perfectly the story but for some background information, here it is. 

Tensions had been building for years: countries becoming independent, global economies failing and resources becoming limited. Europe and Asia formed an alliance which was known as Eurasia right up until The End. They had a disagreement with the United States over something that no one could recall. More alliances formed and soon enough the world had been split into two. Both sides were equally matched in terms of their armies; both were willing to die for the lost cause. 

Whilst all of this was happening the public were paying the price for their leaders' disagreements. It was estimated that around three quarters of the Earth's population had fallen into poverty. There had been many attempts at a revolution but this only seemed to make matters worse. Governments turned on their own; no one was safe anymore. 

It was Eurasia that initially caused The End. They knew that they were losing and decided to call an end to the war once and for all. They could easily have called for a truce but they were too proud to admit defeat. Instead, they decided to destroy the Earth. 

Through the passing of time, people have forgotten the exact details of The End but everyone can clearly remember the date. Twenty sixth of April 2018. That was when Eurasia pressed the button to launch the nuclear weapons. It was over quickly, the United States was more or less destroyed, but not before they could retaliate and launch their own. Within a matter of hours the Earth was destroyed and nothing was left on the surface. 

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