Unconvinced love

Cara thought her life was perfect, she had friends, she was rich and loved her life. Until Harry came into the picture, she thought he was just a normal guy who had moved to the neighborhood. They stumble into each other when they both are in a hurry and that is how their relationship begins....


2. Nameless

I woke up hearing people arguing infront of my bedroom, the door opened and made a creak. At the side of the door 5 faces poped up. It was my mother, Alice, Katy, Cindy and Carmen. When I saw the cake I finally figured out why they all were united as the started to sing 'Happy birthday' to me. I hate my birthday's, I just don't like to think I'm getting older every minute that is passing by. I love reunited with my relatives and get presents but I starting to get old, I'm 19 now. Wow 19 that is the last year of being a teen. After that I have to start behaving like a real woman, life really sucks.


"So here are all our present but you will love mine the most" My mother said as she handed me 5 gifts


"Oh I can't wait to open them" I said as I put a fake smile on my face


I opened the biggest one, it looked like a shoe box. I took of the lid of the shoe box and found a pair of black high heel with stunts on the back from Jeffery Campbell. A little rope was on one of the heels and on the note it said 'Hope you have a great birthday, I know you hate your birthday so I will play it low today xoxo Cindy'


"Oh my god Cindy they are beautiful!!!" I screamed


"You like?"


"Me LOVE!" I said as I dragged her into a tight hug


The next present from Alice, she always buys something huge or very expensive. Sometimes it feels likes that my friends try to compete with each others so they try to buy the biggest and most expensive gift to get my attention. I looked at the present and saw that I was formed like a thin book.


I ripped of the gift wrap and saw that on the cover it said 'The Rock Spa' I opened the brochure and saw that inside it said 'Happy birthday, you will have a week end spa treatment with three of your friends in London' I got so excited. First i thought she had bought me a book but then when the word spa came I was speechless.


My mother than handed a big squared box, I thought I heard a noise inside the box which kind of scared me, I took off the lid and looked inside. I got so surprised when I saw the little white fluffy dog inside, it was so adorable. I had always wanted a dog but my parents or my mother wouldn't let em have one. I looked at mom and then just looked at her for a minute, when she nodded I quickly took up the dog and put it in between my arms, rocking it slowly.


"What kind of dog is it?" I asked with a huge smile


"It's a Pomeranian" She said


"What is a Pomeranian?"


"Do you know the dog that is really famous on Facebook, I think it's called boo, do you know what I'm talking about?"


"Oh my god it's so cute. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU MOM!" I screamed and then hugged my mom with the dog still in my arm.


The last present was from Katy, she had been quiet all the time and she looked uncertain about something. When I opened her present I saw three different garments folded. One was a pink one piece, another was a striped pink and white pj and the third was small little baby shoes for a dog. I looked at Katy confused.


"What are these for?" I asked


"Well your mother told me she was going to buy a dog so I decided to team up with her and buy some clothes for the dog. I know how much you care about fashion" she said


I pulled all my friends into a big group hug and then after a minute I let them all go. Carmen had gone to get our breakfast as we all updated with each other.


"So Cara, since it your birthday and we all want to spend it with you we thought that it would be nice to take you out." Alice said


"You guys, I don't want any to big this year, just us four" I said


"Okay, well it will be a surprise today and you don't get to chose" Katy said


"Okay whatever, what do I have to wear?" I asked


"Wear something sexy, and we will pick you up at 8 since its Friday today" Cindy said as we all got our breakfast




We stepped into our school and as usual saw Steve, Ryan, Luke and Jai standing at our lockers. They all had a red rose in their hands and looked at me with excitement. As I reached my locker I saw all of them handing me their roses, I accepted them with honor and locked them into my Locker.


The day went on and about half of the school came to me and wished me a happy birthday. Sometimes I really didn't want to be popular, everyone looking up to you and all your haters spying to find something embarrassing about you (watching very step you take).


School finally ended and I had received a text from my mother.


'Hey baby girl or should I say number 19, we have a quick photoshoot today because of your birthday. It going to be a family photo and it at 14:30 so hurry up please. Clothes and make up will be done at the photo studio' I sighed and then looked at my friends.


"I going to have to skip the mall, photoshoot you know" i said and then sighed


"That's okay, we'll get a ride from the boys" Cindy said


I sat down in my black Ferrari and drove into town. They said boys they meant Steve, Ryan, Luke and Jai, they are not our boyfriends just to be clear. We have all decided that no one can have a boyfriend until I find mine. After I have had my first boyfriend, my first kiss and my first experience in everything that when they can get their boyfriends. Steve and those boys were just waiting for that happy day.


I arrived at the studio and was greeted by my mothers assistant, of course my mother never has time for me so she send her assistant after me all the time. I was led to my mother who was speaking with the photographer. When she saw me she gave me a massive hug and then pushed me to they changing rooms.


They had given me a white dress with wavy lines all over it, and to my mother a black women suit that looked very elegant. This was a tradition for us. Every year when one of us turned a year older we took a new family photo in black and white. They led us infront of a white background and started to give us some poses that we could do.


When we finished we drove back home and had Thai take out home. We sat down at the dinner table and took what we both had ordered. I said thank you for the food and then headed upstairs to get changed for the day out. It was now 6:30 pm so I had about one and a half hour left to get ready.


When I came into my room and suddenly a white fluffy snowball jumped on me. I just then realized that I had my own dog. I hade yet not given it it's name so I just called it 'nameless'. I went in to my room and put nameless on my bed to let it rest. After it had made it self comfortable on my bed I headed to my bathroom. I took of my clothes and jumped into the shower, I showered my hair and my body. When I came out of the shower I felt a refreshing feeling through my body.


I headed to my closet and looked through all the dresses I had. I put on a peach colored dress that went above my knees and was strapless. I put on the shoes I got today and went to do my hair and my make up. I had half an hour left so I had just about the time I needed. I chose to have smoky eyeshadow and curled my hair. Nameless kept spying and watching me with fascination. 


The door bell rang and I headed down to the big front door. Through the glass I saw a hot Alice and I opened the door.


"Hey so we kind of want to borrow your car, is that okay?" she asked as I closed the front door after me.


I text-ed my om that I was going to a out with my friends and that I was going to come home late. I unlocked the cars to my Ferrari and sat in the passenger seat, Katy sat down at the drivers seat and picked up the other girls. It took a time to get to our destination and I had been distracted by my phone the whole ride so I hadn't noticed where we were. I then got interrupted by hearing some loud party noise coming from my left. I looked up and went out of my car, some guys were watching in amusement at us. I walked towards the front door and the door swung open.


At my surprise I saw a guy with curly hair and green eyes infront of me, he smiled with e cheeky smile and that's when it hit me. It was Harry styles Infront of me, how is it that we always bump into each others all the time. I was shocked and then turned to the girls. They had already left my side.


"Harry?" I said surprised



Authors Note:

Hey guys so I'm finally finished with my second chapter, please tell me what you think about it and I will keep updating. I think I will update every once in the week. Please favorite and like this story and don't forget to read my other unfinished movella.

Love you all // M

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