Unconvinced love

Cara thought her life was perfect, she had friends, she was rich and loved her life. Until Harry came into the picture, she thought he was just a normal guy who had moved to the neighborhood. They stumble into each other when they both are in a hurry and that is how their relationship begins....


4. Irresponsible child

I woke up by the sun shinning in through my curtains, I stretched out my arms and legs and got this good but bad feeling. The good feeling was that my muscles stretched out and it felt good but the bad feeling on the other hand was that I bumped into something while I stretched my muscles. I got kind of scared but then thought that it maybe only was Nameless (NOTE: The dogs name for now is nameless just so you guys know) but when I started to think how big the figure was I understood that it couldn't be Nameless.


I carefully turned my head around and to my surprise Harry was laying there peacefully sleeping. I couldn't resist myself from checking him out without him knowing about it. I discovered some dimples here and there, his fine curls and his abs but to my surprise he had also some tattoos like "Hi", "two birds as chest tattoos", "a star with five corners" and loads of other tattoos covering his body. He opened his eyes and then saw me looking at his body, to my surprise he didn't even care to speak just stare.


I got out of my bed to go to the bathroom when I felt a hand grab me by my wrist, I tried to resist but that hand was strong and firm. I turned around and saw Harry looking at me up and down, a smirk crossed his face. I didn't know what that smirk was for until I realized that he had looked at my body. I quickly looked down at my body and saw that I was only in my underwear, oh no now you have made a fool out of your self because you forgot to remember that you were in only a bra and and panties.


I didn't notice that I had given up, I looked at the arm and then at Harry. He then swung me on to the bed again so that I was on top on his body. I got this huge headache because of my hangover from yesterday, yes I was drunk yesterday but somehow I still remember that I had danced with Jack and that Harry had followed me back home but not that I had invited him in. I looked at his eyes trying to figure out why I was on top of him.


"Why up so early?" He then finally asked still holding one of my wrists but then his other hand took my other wrist, trapping me I was to run away from him.


"I don't know but you just gave me a headache when you swung me" I said


"Oh sorry about that, I didn't remember that you're an irresponsible child that can't handle your own drinking limit" He said trying to flirt with me which he again succeeded with.


"I get it you're my long lost father?!" I said and then laughed but then remembered that my dad was dead"anyways, why am I on top of you again?" I asked


"I just thought that we should spend some alone time before your mother comes and 'wakes us up'" he said


He then started to play with my hair and I did the same with him, he then decreased the space between us but I did the opposite. His hands had left my wrists because he had decided to play with my hair which made it easy for my to escape from this situation. I was really not looking for anything right now, I was too busy trying to get my best grades because I'm graduating this year. I quickly jumped out of his grab and made a run to the bathroom, it was like he had seen it coming because he ran after me and just when I was about to close and lock the door he put his foot in the way.


"Harry what are you doing?" I asked


"I don't know, I just don't want you to leave my sight" he said


"Harry I'm going to shower and that means that I will be naked which means that you can't be in here right when I'm showering" I said


"Please don't put it in that way now I'm so desperate plus we can shower together, in that way we will save water for the children in Africa" he said laughing at his own joke


"Harry seriously go back to my bed and I will shower fast so it won't make a difference if you shower with me" I said back to him.


He finally gave up and went back to my bed and laid there looking up to the ceiling, I then noticed that I had no underwear to change into when I would be finished showering so I headed out to my room again and took a white bra and white panties from my top drawer. He noticed me again and gave a puppy face.


"Please I will be bored without you" he said trying one last time


"No you won't because Nameless will give you company" I said and then went and took Nameless in my arms and handed him to Harry


"Nameless? What a creative name!" he then chuckled


"Yeah I haven't figured out yet what I should name him" I said and then headed to my bathroom once again.


This time I made sure that I locked the door, I put on the shower and waited for a while for the water to become warm. Once it was warm I jumped into the shower. I put on shampoo and then conditioner, soap all over my body and then shaved my legs. Once I was finished showering I went out of the shower and put on some body lotion on my body to smoother my skin. I don't dry my hair with a hairdryer because the heat damages my hair a lot so I air dry it instead.


I open the door and see Harry on the floor trying to teach Nameless a trick, the usually mainstream trick called sit. He then noticed me in my new underwear and he couldn't take his eyes of me. He then noticed that Nameless had finally understood what sit was. He just sat there watching us two not moving just staring at each others.


"Wow, you look beautiful without any clothes on" he finally says breaking the awkward silence


"Well I have my underwear on" I said


"Fluffy!" He then said


"What?!" I asked so confused


"Nameless new name is Fluffy and he reacts really good to it to so it's fit perefctly" he said


"Oh yeah and you said I had not creativity" I said and then left to my walk in closet


Today was Abercrombie day so that was what I was going to wear. I chose to wear a pair of dark blue shorts and a white tank top that was see trough so I chose to have a black bando covering my bra. I then walked out of my closet and Harry looked at my outfit, he looked a bit disappointed.


"What?" I asked


"Come on I have seen you half naked and you decide to cover up your bra?" he said kind of sad


"I was trying to make you happy because I'm going to be going out and if I hadn't put on a bando every guy passing by would stare and you would get jealous" I said


He nodded and understood why I had covered up my bra.


"So since it was your birthday yesterday I wanted to give you a present" he than said


"Okay what is it?" I asked


"You get to spend a day with me!" he shouted and then hugged me


"Wow that is the best present I have ever recieved" I said


"Yeah you get to spend a whole day with a super famous pop star" he said with sarcasm


"Oh when I think it like that then there is a positive side for this day!" I said


We then hear a knock on my door, I opened the door without even think and saw Carmen in front of me. She came in and the stared like she had seen a ghost and that was when I remembered that Harry had no clothes on except for his boxers and Carmen was on of those 'directioners' and she is so going to fangirl right now. She then came out of her trance and turned to me.


"Your breakfast is ready downstairs, your mother is waiting on both of you guys." She said


"Okay thank you Carmen, this is Harry Styles by the way" I said to her and introduced her to Harry, I was just trying to be nice to her because every girls dream is to meat Harry Styles or someone from One Direction.


"Oh Mr.Styles can I take a photo of you" she asked


He nodded and She took up her IPhone 5 that we had given her to reach her, they took a photo and then she left. Harry was also going to eat here which mean that he would have to have some clothes to wear. I handed him a oversized hoodie that fit him perfectly. then I gave him a pair of sweatpants that fit perfectly.


We headed downstairs hand in hand just playing along that my mother sure thought that we were together. When we reached the kitchen I saw her looking through a fashion magazine like always. She looked up when she heard us in the kitchen.


"Good morning teenagers" she said


We went and sat down at the table in front of her seat, on out plates we had scrambled eggs, bacon, toast and a glass of juice.


"Good morning" Harry said politely trying ti impress my mother while I just started to eat my breakfast


"So I didn't hear any loud sounds this night which is good" she said


I blushed and got so embarrassed, my mother always try to scare away the boys I bring home. Harry chuckled and the looked at me and noticed that I had blushed


"No we were very tiered yesterday, right honey?" he said and then placed a hand on my thigh which felt pretty good to my surprise


"Yeah that party took away all my energy" I said and tried to study my mothers face expression, she laughed a little which meant that she wasn't bothered at all what Harry had said to her.


"So Cara who was that guy you talked with yesterday when I had a chat with a mate?" Harry asked, really now, right now in front of my mother who hates Jack?!


"Oh already cheating in your relationship?" My mother joked


"Uhm it was... it was Jack" I said and then face my mothers glare. I noticed she didn't want to hear anything else about Jack and so did Harry.


"Have you showed Harry your dog?" she asked trying to change the subject


"Yeah she have, we named him Fluffy" Harry said and then rested his head on my shoulder.


"You guys look so cute together" my mother said and then stood up, Harry and I had already finished out breakfast "Hope yo u have a fun day today" mother said and then headed in to her office.


I suddenly hear a knock on the front door and without thinking I opened the door. Harry was by my side holding me by the waist still playing along with the 'relationship'. Flashes and people questioning came as soon as the door had opened, and I just stood there shocked but at the same time trying to look cute in front of the cameras because of my reputation of being a model. Harry with a reflex slammed the door in front of the paparazzi's face and then looked at me worried and then hugged me lifting me from the ground and spun me around.




Authors Note:

Hope you liked this chapter, I'm very proud of this chapter because Harry is in it the whole time, in the other he has been in the some part. I updated because people wanted me too and I hope you keep favoring, liking and commenting. Have a great weekend //M

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