Unconvinced love

Cara thought her life was perfect, she had friends, she was rich and loved her life. Until Harry came into the picture, she thought he was just a normal guy who had moved to the neighborhood. They stumble into each other when they both are in a hurry and that is how their relationship begins....


5. Followed

"Harry put me down!" I said after a while when I started to feel dizzy from all the spinning around


He stopped spinning around but kept hugging me. He looked sad or disappointed and we just stood there inches apart. We heard a sound coming from the kitchen, we turned around to see what made the sound and saw my mother looking at both of us. She had one raised eyebrow and kept staring like one of us were going to explain the situation.


"Why did I just here the door slam?" she asked


"Uh some paparazzi's were outside your house" Harry said and then turned to face me


"Oh well that explains the whole situation" she said and the left the room


"So you're pretty normal with these kind of things are you?" I asked


"Yeah well that is one of the consequences you get when you become famous" he said like it was a daily routine for him



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