Unconvinced love

Cara thought her life was perfect, she had friends, she was rich and loved her life. Until Harry came into the picture, she thought he was just a normal guy who had moved to the neighborhood. They stumble into each other when they both are in a hurry and that is how their relationship begins....


3. DRUNK for the first time

"Chick? What are you doing here?" Harry asked


"Uhm excuse me I have a name! It's Cara by the way" I reached out with my right hand and shook his hand.


"Oh okay Cara, you didn't answer my question though, what are you doing here?" he said as he walk back into the house expecting me to follow him, which was exactly what I did.


"It's my birthday today and my friends thought it would be funny to bring me to a party" I said and Harry handed me a drink


"Is there any alcohol in this drink?" I asked as I was about to sip a clunk down my throat


"Kind of, that's what parties are for you know, get drunk and have the time of your life"


I didn't really want to seem weak in front of Harry so I drank a clunk of alcohol and could feel how my throat was burning. I know I'm aloud to drink, I just don't want to experience my first hangover yet. Harry was looking intimidatingly at me, I kind of liked it if I have to be honest. But why was he at this party? He then quickly grabbed me by my hand and dragged me to the dance floor. I looked around and saw everybody grinding on each others, but I decided to not act slutty in front of Harry and just fist pumped to the beat of the music.


At the corner of the living room I saw a familiar face, oh god it was Jack. Jack and I were dating back in the old days but then he started to act a little aggressive and I got scared. I thought that the best thing to do is break our connection and that was exactly what I did. He was looking right in my eyes trying to get eye contact with me which he successfully got. He couldn't hurt me because I was with Harry. I quickly looked back at Harry and saw that he was talking with an other guy so I decided to see if I was hallucinating Jack, I looked at the corner again and he wasn't there.


All these thought going through my mind were annoying me so I choose to drink it off. I headed to the kitchen with Harry still in my hand and got two glasses of vodka in my hand. I drank one glass and then was headed to drink the second one when Harry interrupted me.


"Whoa Whoa, chill Cara, you're gonna regret it tomorrow morning" he said as he was trying to take the glass from me


I quickly slurped the whole vodka in my throat and felt that everything was getting dizzy. Oh how I loved the effect of alcohol on me, I could do what ever I wanted now. Harry was gone so I headed to the dance floor again. This time I didn't care if I was being slutty, I just wanted to have a good time. I started to dance with all my energy and then spotted Katy dancing with a guy. I decided to leave her alone because she seamed to have a good time and I would only ruin it.


I then felt a pair of hands on my waist, I didn't care who it was but I had a feeling that it was Harry. I started grinding to the person and we danced along to the beat. I then spotted a curly hair person some what in front of me. I looked carefully at the person and saw that it was Harry, he looked mad, disappointed and sad at the same time. I choose to turn around and see who I was dancing with. To my surprise it was JACK!


"Get off of me!" I screamed in his face, I saw in the corner of my eye that Harry had heard what I had said and was listening to our conversation but gave us space.


"Come on sweetie, I know you liked it" He said as his face in front of me and I could smell the alcohol. Great we both were drunk... just great.


"Bye Jack!" I said and then headed to the front door


I didn't care about anyone now, not even Harry. I just wanted to go home and rest and forget about all of this shit. I was going down the front porch when I took my Phone from my purse. I had gotten a message from Alice


Hey saw that you stumbled into Jack, if you're heading home then you'll have to walk because I saw you drunk and we don't want anyone hurt today do we? :)


I then went into the music app, I had asked Carmen to buy One Direction's album so I could see if they were good at singing at all. There were two albums with the name One Direction attached to them. I choose to take the first album which was 'Up All Night', I put on the song 'Stand Up' after the second verse came the chorus.


Oh oh ohh oh
So put your hands up
Oh oh ohh oh
'Cause it’s a stand up
I won’t be leaving
‘Til I finish stealing
Every piece of your heart
Every piece of your heart


then came an other verse and I heard someone screaming my name, I had only walked like 5 meters from the house because I was drunk and I didn't want to trip or do something embarrassing so I was walking very slow.


"CARA!" Some one shouted and I looked back and saw Harry half a meter from me


"What?!" I asked as he came by my side


"Since you're drunk it's not very safe to walk home alone" he said and the took my hand to help me balance


There was an awkward silence and I had noticed that I had turned of the music, so I pressed on play and the chorus came again. This time I thought that I should sing along because I knew the lyrics already, it was pretty catchy.







EVERY PIECE OF YOUR HEART" I sang at the top of my lungs but then noticed that I was shouting and not singing.


"Really?" Harry said "you're not leaving 'til you steal every piece of my heart? I'm embarrassed" he said with sarcasm in his voice


I  hit him playfully on his arm and the lost balance and fell hard to the ground, Harry chuckled and then helped me up. I noticed that we were outside my house and that I was absolutely going to have a hangover tomorrow and I didn't want to be alone. I walked towards my house and saw that Harry was following me. We stood in front of my door.


"I had a really good time tonight" he said and then kissed my forehead and then turned around to walk home.


"Harry?!" I said nervously


"Yeah?" he said as he quickly turned around


"Stay with me the whole night?" I asked


"With pleasure" he said and then took me by my hand


I opened the front door and saw my angry mother in front of me but her face changed when she saw Harry (of course, she had to play the fake card didn't she). She then glanced at our hands and the up at us again.


"Mom this is Harry from One Direction" I said


"Pleasure to meat you Mrs. Hunter" Harry said


"Pleasure to meet you to" she said


"Well we are just head up to my room if you will excuse me" I said heading to the stairs.


I had played it of very good, hiding from my mother that I was drunk. How am I supposed to walk up these stairs without falling or losing balance?. Then Harry took me by bridal style and walked me up the stairs, it was like he had read my mind.


"Don't do something stupid now!" my mother shouted from the kitchen downstairs


"Mum!" I shouted back in embarrassment


My cheeks had flushed and Harry had noticed, he chuckled. We walked towards my room and he opened the door, he was stunned by how big my room actually was. Then a white fluffy snowball jumped of my bed and started to jump on Harry's feet. He took me to my bed and laid me there. He went to the other side and laid down beside me. I went up and headed for my bathroom, I brushed my teeth and then took of my clothes and peek at my room and saw Harry staring. I was covering my body (in only a pink laced bra and pink laced panties) with my door.


"Shut your eyes and don't peek" I said


He did as I said, I ran towards my bed but when I was about to jump in he opened his eyes and the flushed. Of course he had to peek. I sunk under the covers, Harry stood up took of his t-shirt and his pants leaving him in white boxers. He then jumped into bed and wrapped his arms around me. It was awkward in the beginning but then I got comfortable at last. Th is night i couldn't sleep, both Harry and Nameless had dozed of to sleep but I just couldn't. I just kept on replaying everything that had happened today and after a while I finally dozed of to sleep.



Authors Note:

So I've gotten some good feed back and one negative so far. This chapter was short because I have been busy with school stuff and I seriously don't feel so good right now. I hope you all like the chapter and I may update once more this week to make you guys happy. Sorry for all the grammatical mistakes I make but I wright fast and don't have the energy to read through but I did it today so I hope there r no more mistakes. I also finally have one last thing to tell you guys I hope you have a good weekend and I you want to see something funny then check out this video on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/DarkLikeNemo?feature=mhee :)

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