Unconvinced love

Cara thought her life was perfect, she had friends, she was rich and loved her life. Until Harry came into the picture, she thought he was just a normal guy who had moved to the neighborhood. They stumble into each other when they both are in a hurry and that is how their relationship begins....


1. Cara Hunter

"CARA! you're going to be late for school!" My mother shouted from the kitchen downstairs.
"10 more minutes, please" I screamed from my bed.
My name is Cara Hunter, I'm 18 years old and I live in London (England). My mother is a designer and owns the company called Hunter. As most of you guys probably know, the company Hunters are known for their shoes. My father past away in a flight accident 9/11 2001, I was only 7 by then and I was broken when I heard the news. Ever since then I have had a big fear of being on an airplane. That meant that me and my mother never flew out of the country and if we did it would be an urgent emergency, like when my grandparents past away last year.
I got out of my double bed and turned on the television, as my surprise a gossip channel turned on immediately
"Hello and welcome to CELEBBUZZ, the Harry Styles has taken some time away from America and is now heading back home to London. He was last seen in London Heathrow Airport. Rumor has it he is hunting for a place to live and take some time away from being a celebrity. Watch out London because here comes the Harry Styles" 
I usually love these gossip channels talk about famous celebrities but some times they go overboard. I guess this "Harry Styles" is some kind of celebrity that is in the spotlight right now, the funny thing was that I hadn't heard a thing about him in my whole life. I decided that it was time to prepare for school. I walked over to my walk in closet. 
I decided to wear a black chain neck drape (Gucci), white cotton cavalry skinny trouser (Gucci), California logo sneakers (Gucci), class silver stainless steel watch (Gucci), Guccissima sage leather Boston Joy bag (Gucci), Gucci vintage logo pendant necklace (Gucci), my blond hair was curly and put up in a ponytail with a marina stud bow hair clip. If your now wondering why I was wearing clothes from only Gucci is because I have a rule that I can only wear one designer brand a day. It was monday today which meant that it was Gucci day today. As I was going out of my closet I remembered that I had forgotten one thing, I had forgotten to spray my lovely Gucci perfume on (Flora).
As I was in my room I saw my maid Carmen with a tray in her hand. On the tray I saw my breakfast, strawberry yoghurt with three strawberries on top and a glass of orange juice. She put down the silver plate at my nightstand and then turned around to face me.
"Mrs.Hunter sent me up to deliver your breakfast" Carmen said
"Ohh well thank you Carmen" I sat down on my bed and took the bowl with yoghurt in it and started to eat.
Carmen went around in my room picking up things that were laying on the ground and put them back to their original spots. That was the thing that I liked the most about Carmen, she knew my room inside-out and outside-in. Carmen knew nearly everything in the world, she would help me with home-works that I didn't understand.
"Carmen?" I said as she turned around when she her her name
"Yes Cara?" she looked confused because we weren't that near, in fact there was a period last year when we hated each others.
"Do you know who Harry Styles is?" I asked her
"Ohhh of course he is a band member in the band called Juan Direction" she said firmly. Carmen is mexican and has a hard time to pronounce "one" and instead she says "juan".
"One direction?" I asked staring at her
"It's a band with 5 British boys called, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik and Liam Payne. They have so far released 2 albums, Up all night and Take me home" she said.
"Sounds like we have a stalker here" I said as I saw Carmen laugh a little for her self.
When I was finished with my breakfast I went down the stair and saw my mother sitting in the kitchen scanning through a fashion magazine and had a cup of coffee in her other hand. She noticed I was leaving for school and walked over to me.
"Cara, love? are you leaving for school?"
"Yes mum" I said as I got my Gucci coat on.
"Don't forget your photo shoot today 3 pm after school" she said "and have a nice day in school, I love you" she added in quickly before I closed the front door behind me.
On the front porch I saw my black Ferrari parked in front of the garage. Yes, I know you probably think I'm a spoiled bitch but hey that's how life is when your mother is a successful designer plus I'm not a bitch just spoiled for your information. I sat down at the drivers seat and threw my Gucci bag to the passenger seat beside me. I turned on the cars engine and drove of the front porch. I had got my drivers license the day I turned 18 and pass the test at the first try, I had worked my ass of trying to remember all the rules and things my mother and Carmen had taught me.
Some blocks away from my mansion I parked out side my friend Cindy's house. She came out the minute she saw my car in front of her house and came running to my car. As she sat down and handed me my bag I heard someone shout something from the front door of her house. I put my bag between my seat and Cindy's seat and drove of.
"Another fight with your parents?" I asked as I inspected her clothes
"Tell me about it" she said ans the sighted
Next stop was Katy's house, both me and Cindy knew this stop was one of the longest stops when we drove to school. Katy always acted like she was princess, she took all the time she wanted when she got ready for school. I immediately honked and saw Katy open the front door and walk to the car. She opened the backdoor and sat down.
Last stop was at Alice's house, she was already outside waiting for us looking upset. We always came late to her house because of Katy so she was already waiting for us. I looked at the digital watch in front of me and saw that it was 09:50 and our classes started at 10:00 so we had 10 minutes left. 
When we arrived at school only 5 minutes to spare we saw that some football players were standing in front of our lockers. This was a habit for us popular girls. All the boys would chase us and would offer to take our books and walk us to class. Me and the girls had our lockers beside each others and got out our math books. The four boys who were standing beside us were Steve, Ryan, Luke and Jai. 


The school day ended, me and the girls went to my car and sat down. We decided to go out to a shopping mall (it was 14:00 so I had one hour left before the photo shoot). When we were in front of a red light a silver Lamborghini pulled up beside us. The driver looked at me and then fastened the engine two times making a noise. Oh its on... I thought when he challenged me for a race.
"Oh my fucking god it's Harry Styles from One Direction" Cindy screamed inside the car
Harry winked when he heard what Cindy had said and I thought for myself, he might be good when it comes to singing but when it comes to cars and races I'm the pro.
The red light turned yellow and then green, and oh how burned he got when I raced in front of him and turned left when I saw the mall sign.
We spent 30 minutes in the mall and gossiped around telling secrets that only we knew. We took our coffees at Starbucks and then headed home. One by one I dropped them of at their houses and then left for my photo shoot with Hollister, yeah that's right I am a Hollister/Abercrombie/Fitch model.
All the details I got about the photo shoot was that it was for the summer collection and that meant that I would take photos with hot guys in only swimming wears (shirtless). God what a perfect day for me. As I got to the photo studio they quickly ran to me and gave me the swimming wear and clothes that I would wear. 
My first shoot was with a guy called Collin, he was pretty hot. We exchanged numbers as we finished our shoot together but I had two more photo shoots left. The second one was with a girl called Naomi and we only had shorts and some tank tops on and of course bikinis. We became good friends and turns out that she knows One Direction, not that I care but One Direction had been mention a lot today. The third photo shoot was with a guy, they had given me a white bikini which was perfect for my tanned skin making it look even more tanned. Then in walked a guy with brown curls, green eyes, big hands and oh his body, and his muscles were so perfect and handsome. He saw that I was checking him out, our eyes locked with each others and we couldn't stop staring at each others.
I thought I remembered him from somewhere, those curls looked familiar and then it hit me. It was Harry Styles. The guy I had won over when we raced and then a proud grin spread across my face. Ever since I had checked him out it became awkward between us. When we were finished with the photo shoot I was to lazy to change into my own clothes so they let me bring home the clothes from the shoot which meant that I would go home with a bikini and some clothes over them. They gave me a bag to put in my other clothes and I went out of the studio to my parked car. I saw Harry looking at it and then he saw me coming his way.
"So you're that chick I raced with today?" he said as he glanced at me
"Yeah" I said as I leaned on my car.
"Girl, you got some talent" he said and the got closer to me.
My phone started to vibrate in my pocket, I picked up the phone and saw that caller ID. It was my mom, I could already see whats this was about. I accepted the call and brought the phone to my ear.
"Hello?" I said as I had accepted the call
"Cara, where are you?" my mother asked
"On my way home, whats up?"
"Dinner is ready and it's getting late plus you have school tomorrow"
"Right, I will be a bit late but don't worry I'm already on my way, I love you" I said
"Love you too" my mother said and the ended the call.
I had zoomed out when I had talked with my mother, I put my phone back into my pocket and looked up expecting to see Harry standing in front of me. As a surprise he was gone, poff, nowhere to be seen. I shrug the feeling of and unlocked my car and sat down at the driver seat, It was getting late and I had to head home. When I came home I thought about how mad my mother would be and how she would ground me from parties for coming late after a photo shoot.
I opened the front door and took of my shoes and my coat, these Hollister clothes were kind of cute. I found my mom waiting in the kitchen, she looked at me with a bit anger but then her face softened. She had cooked lasagna which was my favorite dish but I didn't eat to much because when you are a model you have to think twice when you eat. 
I went upstairs to my room and went to my laptop, I wanted to know more about this Harry Styles so I decided to Googled him. I found his twitter, I felt like I was stalking him but who cares he is never going to find out right?. My phone beeped in my pocket again. I saw that I had gotten a message from Alice (it was a group chat with Alice, Cindy, Katy and me),


Channel tomorrow! don't forget. XOXO Al.
I slowly felt how tiered I was so I changed into my pj's and drifted of to sleep.
Authors Note:
Hope you liked this chapter, I enjoyed writing it so I hope you enjoy reading it. Comment what you think and I will do a second chapter, if this fan-fiction gets a lot of attention and good feedback I will of course keep on writing it. You readers will have chances later on giving me some ideas of how the story is going to go and all that. This is my second fan fiction, my first one is called "3 Hours Until YOU" please check it out if you want to. Have a nice day :) // M

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