Love, Life, and Destruction

Love, life, and destruction..... which path will you take?


2. Kicked Out

"Allison!" My mom called from downstairs, "it's time to get up for your last day school!! I made breakfest!" Great. The last thing that I want to do is eat moms food on whats supposed to be the best week of my high school career. My moms not the best cook, but you know, she tries. I slowly got up and headed to my personal bathroom. Thats the thing that i'll probably miss the most. My own room and nice bathroom, except maybe my mom and six year old brother. As I stripped down to get into the shower I immediatly grabbed my shampoo from the cabnet and put it onto the shower's shelf. I know, why keep it there? well with a brother that likes to get into your stuff and make a mess, its almost always best to hide any liquid, powder, and basically anything that can be messy, so I hide them. But unfortunatly I can't hide everything. When I got out of the shower I put my robe on and steped into my room.

"Oh. My. God! Travis!!!!" He walked slowely into my room with a sly smile until he was right in front of me.

"What happened to your room Aly?" He asked.

" Oh stop the crap, why did you do this?!" He had basically went through all of my stuff and threw it all everywhere. I mean, my books, my bras, underwear, shirts, leggings, jeans. Eve. Ry. Thing. All over  the floor. "Just. Get. Out."

"Whats going on in here?" my mom asked while standing in the doorway.

"well, your son threw everything from my closet, and anything that was in sight, onto my floor." This whole time my brother just looked innocent.

" I doubt that he did any of this. Allison, come downstairs and eat. When you get home, your'e cleaning this up. Your grounded also."

"Mom! He actually did do all of this! and you can't ground me! im 18!"

"I will and can ground you as long as you live in this house!"

"Then goodbye. I'm going to school and I'll pack tonight when I get back." She just turned on her heels with my brother and left. "I ment it when I said that im leaving." I mummbled. I moved from my spot and dressed in my favorite white Midi Shorts and my ruffle chiffon woven cami. Once I was dressed, I grabbed my purse and pulled out my keys while stepping out the door and not looking back. As I opened my car and sat down, I saw something shinning in the light. It was a graduation present. From Mom. I didnt open it, and I won't, not yet.

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