Love, Life, and Destruction

Love, life, and destruction..... which path will you take?


3. Decisions

As I rounded the parking lot I stoped next to my best friend's car and cut the engine. Molly walked to my passenger side door and immediatly sat down.

"Okay, Whats wrong?"


"Allison, theres clearly something wrong. I know you to well"

"That you do. Mom kicked me out."

"WHAT?! you can stay with me until you find an actual place to stay. okay?"

"I can't do that to you. Besides, Im calling my aunt and seeing if I can Stay with her." My aunt Karen lives in England, which is in a whole different continent, but im not going to tell Molly that, she would be devestated.

"Which aunt?"


' I don't think I know her...."

"You don't. now lets get to class before we're late."


I called Karen on my way out of the parking lot. "Hey Karen!"

"Oh, Allison! what a surprise! what can i do for you?" If only she knew.

"Mom kicked me out and I have no where to go...."

"Oh Sweetheart! I'll fly you out as soon as possible! Do you have anywhere to stay tonight?"

"Yeah. Is Li there?"

"Here he is..."

"Aly, are you okay?" Li asked with concern

"yeah Li Li, are you living on your own yet?"

" yeah i you want to live with me instead?"

" Yeah, just because your the closest family member that I have." I could almost hear his smile through the phone.

"Yeah, you can live with me! The only thing is, I have roomates..."

"Not girls I hope!"

"Not until. ey, Five seconds ago." He laughed. "Well Mom says that she got your flight booked for six in the morning and just emailed your ticket to you, meanwhile I have to go prepare a place for you to stay! I miss you!" he laughed through the phone.

"I miss you too." I loked my phone and started to drive on to my hou- my mom's house and decided that  i'll just stay there until five tomorrow to drive to the airport in Cincinnati, Ohio. When I pulled up, all the lights were turned off and the door was locked, of course, i thought. I dragged out my key and unlocked the door. when I got upstairs to my ex room, I saw that all of my things were packed, down to the bathroom too. Apperently my mom really wants me out of here, I thought. I called th movers and they said they would be here in 10 minutes. Once they got here and loaded all of my stuff in, they told me that it would take about three weeks to get my stuff to Wolverhampton, West Midlands, England. Perfect. I'll have to tell Li about this one. Since I still had all of my cloths, I just slept on the floor till morning.


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