princess Aroura has been kidnapped and is about to be sacraficed to fufill a legend and make Magnus Heinason come back to life with a pure hatred on man kind. it's up to jack and his crew to send him back to where he came from but will they make it in time as they battle against sirens, sea serpents and the deadly lusca. there is also an evil spirit trying to drive the crew apart. -- i wrote this before the fourth potc came out.


1. devils triangle

Captain Jack sparrow stared at his compass, it was spinning uncontrollably, he didn't know what he wanted anymore. He was staring into space he seemed different, all the crew noticed but didn't say anything. They admired Jack. Jack came back to life when he heard a comotion above, on deck. He got up and tried to see what was happening (with out being seen); he saw men in uniforms, french he thought.

"we wish to see sparrow" ,an deep english voice spoke, "i have a message and i want to speak to him"

The comforting voice of Gibbs voice spoke "what's with the french army"

"It's a long story, please Jack must come at once we don't have much time"

Jack starting to feel like his old self came out, slightly drunk. He looked the army up and down and whispered loudly "Mr Gibbs who are these men and what are they doing on my ship", pionting behind him.

"Jack sparrow" Gibbs interupted "cap'in"

"captain Jack Sparrow the king wants you to travel to Tortuga and pick out a large crew and be ready too set sail by tomorrow"

"may i ask why". The man looked around and nodded towards below; Jack understood and led him down the crew followed and stopped near the top heads down trying to hear what was being said.


" The king's oldest daughter has been kidnapped, by who we don't know but they were in a hurry and dropped these". The man went in to his pocket and pulled out a map; two red feathers and a lock of brown hair. "The hair is the princesses, we don't know about the feathers and the map, well take a look your self". Jack unfolded the map and lay it down, he had never seen any of these places before and wondered how anyone could get there. He scanned it and saw at the top there was a place circled, a chilling sensation ran down his spine as he noticed that it was circled in blood. Jack recognised the name that was written in scrwany hand writing


Jack remebered the tales he heard of that place and remebered them saying something about everlasting treasure. He got out his compass and it started spinning; this time it stopped, stopped north east towards the devils triangle and the cirlcle in blood.

"alright" Jack said "we'll do it".


"Mr Gibbs set sail for tortuga... we have got a crew to pick up, oy Ragetti wheres the rum"

"the rums gone cap'in"

"why is it always the rum" 




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