Melody In The Sky (One Direction Love Story)

Hiya my name is Ethania but that what they call me when I was still a kid but now they know me as Maylen my real name is Ethania Mae Aderson but now that im the most popular popstar I hide my real life now my brown hair is now black and my bluegreen eyes now gray. but then I will met a guy who will find out my secret will it be safe or not?


6. Secret Revealed

Maylen P.O.V

So im on my way to the studio I brought with me some lyrics that we will put on the lads album.In no time I was already in the studio I was walking up to elevator its so silent it was kinda creepy Mark can come cause he was sick and Simon willbe the one who will be with us in the studio When I was in the second floor Mark told me in the text yesterday that be will be recording in studio A2 I was walking in the hall it was so silent and some lights were off now im really sacred my heart was beating very fast my driver was taking a break so he was in the coffee shop and my bodyguard are in vacation so I was alone.Now im at studio A2 but nobody was there but the door was open now my hairs in my arms are standing My heart beating really fast I had a tight grip in my sling bag I went in the studio it was a little dark I saw a shadow that was walking to me When I was about to get my phone out of the bag the shadow then walk up to the light.OH NO it was my cousin that really hate because I became popular and became a singer my cousin was a guy same age as me.His name was Matt he had a evil smirk in his face was sacred out my life I turned white I thought he was in America with his girlfriend Jenny the he said to me

"Hello my little cousin,long time no see"he said with a evil smile in his face

"What do want Matt I thought u were in America with ur girlfriend Jenny?"I ask him then he smile evily I was now very sacred

"Umm,All I want is u and then kill u so u will be gone in the world and I wil be popular causeI will tell the world u were only leap singing and To answer ur question Jenny broke up with me about 3 months now and when she breakup with me I killed her"He said only in one breath the smiled at me evily

"Why?,What I did to u so u want to kill me I did noting Matt nothing!!!!!!"I shouted at him the he was angry because I shouted at him then he got a knife out from his back there I froze like ice.I had a tight grip in my bag then the knife went though my skin in my right side it really hurt I fell on the ground after he cut me I was  holding at the cut on my side there were lots of blood in my sweater then I saw my cousin writing something in a paper then put it in the table near where I was lying then he said

"Bye my lovely cousin see you never"He said and then walk away then I heard then elevator ding then I black out it was so dark and my cut really hurt Im to young to die I still never had my first or my first boyfriend.Why,why me

Louis P.O.V

Me and the lads were having a race of who is the one who get to the studio I was leading them.then Igot to the elevator first so they will take the other one.Simon was with us cause Maylen's maneger was sick when I got in the 2nd floor I went straight to studio A2 when I got there the light of booth is the only one that was on then I reach for the switch,When the lights were all on I was shock on what I saw Maylen lying on the floor near the coffee table with blood on her sweater and on the floor.I ran to her she was pale and a little cold I was starting to cry cause Maylen was like my little sister even we only know each other for a day but she was so sweet, funny and kind then I said

"MAYLEN!!!!!! MAYLEN WAKE UP!!!!! PLEASE MAYLEN WAKE UP!!!!!!!"I shouted while crying the I heard foot step coming outside Maylens head was on my lap when I turn my head I saw the lads on the door all shock on what they saw then they rush up to us Niall started crying on Liams shoulder Niall fancy Maylen thats why he was crying then Harry started to cry too the zayn said to liam to call Simon outside liam just nod he had tears on his eyes then we heard him shouted Simons name,Maylen was getting paler I trun my head saw Simon standing on the door all shock then he rush up to us then he ask

"What happen here why is Maylen cover in blood?'He ask me

"When I got here in the studio I saw her lying on the floor"I said while crying then liamcalls the hospital then Niall went near Maylen and said while crying

"M-Maylen P-Please W-Wake Up"He said that while crying he wasnt only crying but sobbing then said again

"Maylen please wake up I love you,from the first time I saw u I fell love at first sight I love ur eyes ur smile and ur cute laugh please Maylen wake up"He said sobbing this guy reallyloves Maylen then I saw Harry on the corner sobbing his heart out then Zayn stand up and got the paper that stayed at the coffee table e open the paper and read it silently then Zayngot a shock face then he gave the paper to liam then liam started reading the letter the letter said

'The girl on the floor with blood is not who u thought she is her name is not Maylen Yanes but Ethania Mae Anderson Her hair is not black but brown her eyes r not grey but bluegreen she is my cousin and if u ever read this letter u already find out her secret that she kept for years to people shes sacred that her perants might find out that why she hide her real life thats all I can say to u bye' thats all what the letter said we were all shock that Maylen is not really Maylen But a Girl named Ethania what r we going to do now

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