Melody In The Sky (One Direction Love Story)

Hiya my name is Ethania but that what they call me when I was still a kid but now they know me as Maylen my real name is Ethania Mae Aderson but now that im the most popular popstar I hide my real life now my brown hair is now black and my bluegreen eyes now gray. but then I will met a guy who will find out my secret will it be safe or not?


4. P.O.V'S

Maylen P.O.V

So im meeting the lads again and we will be staying in my house oh and I got a problem my house has many pictures of me the real me not Maylen,but Ethania oh no what will I do now im dead if they know my real me ohh my gosh what will i do I only got an hour oh no help!.

Niall P.O.V

So will be meeting Maylen today there is something weird about that girl I saw a short brown hair at the back of her head weird all of her hair were black except for the little brown hair I saw, I find out why she have short brown

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