Melody In The Sky (One Direction Love Story)

Hiya my name is Ethania but that what they call me when I was still a kid but now they know me as Maylen my real name is Ethania Mae Aderson but now that im the most popular popstar I hide my real life now my brown hair is now black and my bluegreen eyes now gray. but then I will met a guy who will find out my secret will it be safe or not?


2. Lunch

Harry P.O.V

So we will have lunch with some people we will collaborate I wish the one that we will collaborate is not a fan of ours or are work will be really hard Simon wont tell us who it is why I wanna really bad I wish its a girl

"HARRY!!!!!!!"Louis said

"Get ready its almost time to go meet the people we will collaborate with"He shouted

"Ok I will be ready in 30 mins"I shouted back

"Ok u better be"He shouted

Then I started looking for my clothes to wear finally found it I was wearing a Blue t-shirt with White pants

cause they said we need to wear some thing formal and casual 

"Harry time to go"Louis shouted

"Coming"I shouted back,then we went in and hop in the car.

Ethania P.O.V

So I done dying my hair black it kinda look weird ever if try this hair color many times and putting my contacts now im picking my clothes I pick my favorite bluegreen blouse and some gray jeans and my blue converse it was so cool and it was time to go I got my phone and put it in my my blue sling bag cause I dont really like shoulder bag I just went in the car the drive toke 45 mins then were in our distination my stomach was making weird sounds ahhhh so hungry then Mark called my name then I get out the car.

"Maylen its is Simon Cowell we will be collaborating with them"He said

"Hi Simon im M..."when I was about to say my name he cut me off

"Ur the amazing Maylen Yanes everybody knows u especially the boys"He said I smiled when he knew my name but when he said the part boys my jaw fell im collaborating with boys no no no no never the Mark block my thoughts and said

"Maylen lets get inside and met the boys"He said I just made my fake smile he was about to hold my hand when I put it in my pocket waoh that was almost I hate when he does that I wanna punch him but I cant the we saw the table where then boys were sitting they smile when they Simon then after Simon walk in front of me they saw me they were shock maybe they thought they will be collaborating a guy hahaha not.

"So guys we will be collaborating the biggest popstar Maylen ok lads take good care of her"He said the boys just smiled at me thank god they cant see my eyes I was wearing my shades when I was about to say something to the boys Mark got my shade from my face shit they will see my eyes.then harry said

"Nice eyes babe"He said

"Thanks Styles"I said while smiling and he got a face that was price less hahaha so funny I just laugh at his re action and the boys luagh with me then I toke my sit I sitted near Liam

"So are we having lunch or just luagh around"Niall said and then when he said that my stomach made the sound again

"Look some ones hungry"Harry said while looking at me I just Give him the u watch out look and I said

"What are we gonna order?'I ask

"Me I can eat anything as long as its a food and cooked"Niall said while smiling I smiled back at him

"Ok me I will just eat mush potato,salad,chicken fillet,and some water u guys"I ask then they said what they want after they order we just talk they were fun to talk so there the one direction I never heard of them cause all I do is stay at the house if I have no interviews rehersals tour so I was having fun they were kind lads then are food came we eat






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