Melody In The Sky (One Direction Love Story)

Hiya my name is Ethania but that what they call me when I was still a kid but now they know me as Maylen my real name is Ethania Mae Aderson but now that im the most popular popstar I hide my real life now my brown hair is now black and my bluegreen eyes now gray. but then I will met a guy who will find out my secret will it be safe or not?


3. Collaborating with the Boys

Liam P.O.V

So Maylen was a kind yet fun girl she really makes us laugh she as a cute dimple in her face and she just wearing light make-up not much make-up like some people her hair was on a side bun she said it was her signature look her black was really nice with her gray eyes it really spark then she said

"So guys when are we gonna start making songs me I already got some lyrics made that u can sing"She said

"Did you bring?"Simon ask

"Yeah but only some of it if you want to read here"She said while holding some paper in her hand

"Ok so guys here are the lyrics what do u think?"Simon ask I got a paper the title of the song was Love You First it was pretty cool

"This songs are cool,did you all made this?"Zayn ask

"Yeah I make songs everyday if I have time"She said

"So can u sing one song please we really wanna hear ur voice"Louis begged

"Sure"she said then she sang the song Keep Me Close the song was in her first album

(A/N I made it song sorry if u dont know how to sing this but I will put the lyrics=D)

Ohhhh,U know that the only time u keep me close was just yesterday so now this is the last time that u will see me now please keep me close by ur side ohhhh

"So what do u think of her voice lads"Mark ask

"Woow Maylen ur a great singer and ur lyrics are so cool so Simon what do u think?"Zayn said n ask

"Maylen u got are deal of collaborating ur a great writer and singer"Simon said

"Great and thanks, but sorry guys I need to go I still got an interview bye"She said while standing she wave then we all wave back said goodbye were gonna miss her today

Maylen P.O.V

The boys were fun I wish still got some time with them but interview ahh I hate it when I got interviews

Next Day

Harry P.O.V

So today we will be the day we will meet Maylen again and today we hear her sing again yeah that angelic voice is so perfect.










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