Melody In The Sky (One Direction Love Story)

Hiya my name is Ethania but that what they call me when I was still a kid but now they know me as Maylen my real name is Ethania Mae Aderson but now that im the most popular popstar I hide my real life now my brown hair is now black and my bluegreen eyes now gray. but then I will met a guy who will find out my secret will it be safe or not?


5. AleLovingOneDirection<3

Hii! Im Alejandra ! I am Directioner I like stay with my people , eat , play , laught , and aaaaaalways I have a smile , Why? I dont know , I dont have a reason and I dont need It , Im happy like I am . I am from Madrid,Spain , And Im here to meet people and read Movellas. My favorite food is pizza and carrots haha. Im 16 . If u want know more about me , ask me , and if u want follow me , what r u waiting for?  Byee!(: I love u <3

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