No Regrets.

3 Years On

Has Brooklyn Waited


Has She Got On With Her Life

Has Justin Changed For The Better


Has He Changed In the Worst Way Possible

Well You'll Just Have To Find Out.

*Seqeul to Teachers Pet*


1. It's Different Now.

Brooklyns Pov.
Kissing Ava gently on her head I watched as she went running to her bestfriend ellie. Pulling my bag further up my arm I sighed before completely standing up and waving to Ava.

Walking towards the exit of the play group I brushed a piece of hair behind my ear before pushing the wide door open and heading for my car. Rumaging through my bag I finally found my keys. Looking up I stopped in my tracks , breathless , unable to speak.

''What do you want'' I spat out after what felt like 4 hours of trying to speak

''Why do you keep doing this Brook?''

''Doing what Justin'' I stuttered just his presence making me nervous

''Running a mile everytime you see me or catch a sniff of me '' his voice was ragid as if he was annoyed

''You can hardly blame me can you , you've been turning up everywhere I go'' I answered looking down at my feet refusing to meet his eyes

''I'm not going to hurt you Brook why cant you see that'' he asked stuffing his hands in his pocket

''Yeah well things are different now'' I answered looking up at him

''How different  that you dont wanna be no where near me , how different could things be'' He asked his voice becoming more hoarse

'I have a daughter Justin , I arent putting up with your shit anymore I have to support her now.'' I sighed staring at him

''We have a daughter Brook'' he answered back a small growl emitting with his words

''No I have a daughter , she stopped becoming your daughter the second you got arrested''

''How the fuck can you say that if it wasnt for me you'd have been dead or something , I did you a favour'' anger filled his words

'Favour?. You did yourself a favour Justin I never asked you to kill him you just did it'' I spat back not taking any of his shit

''Oh so this is how its gonna be is it , you're gonna turn into the mega bitch that I told everyone you werent'' he snarled

''No Justin I grew up , I arent taking your childish ways anymore , Ava needs someone to support her not a fucking child''

''Oh fuck you Brook''

Licking my teeth I stared hard at him and the car parked behind mine. Squinting so I could get a better look I was taken back in surprise when I realized who it was.

''Does your mum know your hanging round with scumbags like that' I tutted
His eyes narrowed and the anger built up til he was red in the face

''Dont you fucking dare call my dad a scumbag'' he screamed smoke almost coming out of his ears.

''Oh I'm sorry only a few years ago you had the same views on him , whats made him such a fucking angel now then' I scoffed

''You'd never understand''

''Yeah I fucking wouldnt because to me he's still the women beater he was and ALWAYS WILL BE , now if you dont mind I have places to be''

I smiled sarcastically before barging past him and walking to my car.

''BROOK'' he shouted stopping me in my tracks

'What'' I asked turning on heels to face him
''I'm sorry , Look can we talk about this maybe tonight or something'' he asked his face full of plead

''I dont know Justin , I'm not ready to talk I just want you to leave me and my daughter alone''

''Our daughter''

Clambering into the car I started the engine before reversing and heading home leaving Justin stood there just staring.


Hey guys the first kinda intro chapter is here for No Regrets.. Hope you enjoy it. Follow my new twitter @JustinsErection . Thanks

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