No Regrets.

3 Years On

Has Brooklyn Waited


Has She Got On With Her Life

Has Justin Changed For The Better


Has He Changed In the Worst Way Possible

Well You'll Just Have To Find Out.

*Seqeul to Teachers Pet*


2. Enemies.

Chapter 2- Enemies

Handing Ava over to Pattie I placed a gently kissed on her cheek and waved goodbye to Pattie before clambering into the car, starting the engine and driving off towards the restaurant that me and Justin had agreed on to meet.

Tapping the steering wheel at the headlights I let the last 2 years play in my mind. I remember going into labor without Justin by my side, I remember the first few weeks of Ava's life when things got to much I needed to be wrapped up in Justin's strong safe arms. I remember the first time I went to go visit my convict, how his eyes lit up when he saw me and how his arms wrapped around me and hugged me tightly.

Pressing my foot down on the gas as the light turns green I sighed I've never been so worried about meeting someone in my whole entire life. Ever since starting at that damn school and meeting Justin my life has just spiraled out of control, taking everyone with me.

Making a left turn into the restaurants car park my heartrate picked up beating like 5x faster than before.

what the fuck were we going to talk about that we haven't already,, this'll only end the way it always does you two screaming at each other blaming each other for your own mistakes and dont forget that night you both got so frustrated with each other that you ended up having hot heated sex my subconscious tutted.

Throwing my bag over my shoulder, I locked the car and headed towards the restaurant my heart about to beat out of my chest any minute.

Fuck sakes how does this fucking asshole do this too me.

Taking a deep breath in I pushed the door open to hear the ''Ding Dong'' of the bell above the door, jumping out of my skin at the sudden noise I make a small squeal and try to hide my face.

Looking around for Justin I cant see him anywhere.

Has this asshole set me up ?
Fuck You Bieber

Letting a slight cough emit from my throat I turned my head to find Justin stood there, his stubble from his shave almost touching me, jumping out of my skin for a second time I watched as a small smirk covered his lips and I almost go weak at the knees..

''Get your fucking act together Brook'' My subconscious snarls

Letting a small smile curve my lips I sighed, finally I felt relaxed.

''Hey'' He mutters, his eyes never leaving mine

''Hey'' I stuttered, just his presence making me feel all nervy and jittery

''We gonna sit down or oogle at each other all night?'' He jokes, taking my hand and squeezing it lightly.

''Uhm sure'' I mutter, unable to use any other words.

Smiling from ear to ear Justin takes my hand and leads me to the nearest table where I sit opposite him and place my bag by my side.

''So how have you been since we last saw each other'' He says cockingly knowing full well what happened that night.

Blushing at the throught of the hot passionate sex we had I cleared my throat

''Okay what about you?'' I question still crimson in my face

''Well I havent been able to get that night out of my head'' He smiles

Blushing at the memories of that night I cross my legs.

''Hows Ava'' He asks his eyes looking deeply into my mine

''Fine thankyou, she's with your mum tonight'' I smile politely

And here it starts the last thing I want to do is make a scene in some greasy cdiner but thats the way its gonna end
''I was wondering if I could have her for a day or two.. I want to take her to the beach sometime'' He asks dryly as if it was a statement

''Uhm well Me and your mum are taking her to the beach soon so you can always come with us'' I stutter, knowing full well theres an anger brewing up inside him.

''I would but me and my mum still arent on the best terms'' he comments

''Well I'll see'' I murmed, getting nervous under his glare


Theres an awkward silnce between us before Justin clicks his fingers alerting a waitress that we'd like to order
''Yes sir, What can I get you'' She asks, no louder than a whisper

''Uhm Burger and fries please''looking at me he nods his head towards the menu thats stood infront of me ''Brook what do you want?.. my treat'' he smirks

''A chocolate milshake please'' I nod at the timid waitress

''Really?'' He questions staring me down almost

''I'm not that hungry Justin'' I murmer as if I'm in some sort of trouble with him

''Okay then'' He drops it knowing it'll only end up in an arguement

My phone begins to ring loudly starling us both and everyone in the restaurant, taking it out of my bag I look at the caller id before pressing the ''Answer call button'' and mouthing ''Your mum'' to Justin.

*Conversation between Pattie & Brook*
B: Hey Pattie whats iup?
P: Hey.. What time you leaving , Ava's playing up, something is scaring her''
B:Oh I'm not sure.. I'm just having a milshake with Justin I shouldnt be too long
P: Well she keeps calling for Justin

Straining my eyes at Justin I hear a faint cry of Avacalling ''Dada''.

B: Well put the phone loud speaker I'll pass him over
P: Okay, Done

Handing the phone over to Justin he frowns as if I've just asked hhim what's the square root of 5576

Mouthing ''Ava'' to him he instantly relaxes and briefly smiles.

J: Hey Baby its daddy whats wrong sweetie

I can almost hear Patties sigh of despair
A: Daddy, Daddy, Daddy she cries
J: Yes baby its daddy what wrong baby? WOrry lacing his words

We nothing but cries down the phone as Pattie takes Ava into her arms trying to calm her down wuth the the repeative ''Hush abby hush''

Looking at Justin we both know whats going to happen, standing to his feet he places a 20 dollar bill down on the tanle and heads for the car park as I scuttle behind him.

B: Pattie, we're on our way home
P: What both of you? She questions
B: Yes both, Ava wants her dad
P: Okay.

Ending the call I look around the carpark for Justin but I cant see him. Looking to my left I see a car heading towards me and a loud honk of the horn startles me.

Clambering into the car I sigh

''There was no need for the horn y'know'' I snap

''For the shits and giggles Brook'' His face his stern his platful mood gone.

Theres a lot I can say about Justin but I cant deny how much he loves that kid, he'll die 10 times over for her and god help any body that hurts her I darent even imagine how much shit he'll be in with Justin.

Sighing Justin looks over at me as he stops at the red lights

''Whats wrong'' he asks

''Nothing I'm fine'' I lie to keep the peace

''Okay'' He mumbles, pressing down on the gas as the lights turn green,

Justins POV
Bounding upto Brooks font door I knock loudly. Hearing faint scuttles of footsteps I relax a little

My mum opens the door, her sigh of despair to be hurt for miles

''Where is Ava'' I ask sternly

''In the living room, she's calmed al ittle but still wants you'' She mutters looking everywhere but at me

Sighing I barge past her and bound into the living room to see my 2 year old daughter sobbng quietly into a teddy bear I had bought her for her 2nd birthday

'Baby'' I bellow my heart sinking to see her like this

'Dada'' She cries holding out her arms for me

Swiftly picking her up I wrapped my arms round her tiny frail little body as she sobbed onto my t-shirt

''Whats wrong baby'' I question

''I missed you'' She sobs hugging me tightier

''Awh beautiful I missed you too I missed you so so so so ,uch'' I cradle her placing gentle kisses on her cheeks.

I look out of the corner of my eye as I see Brook walk in and give my mum a warm embrace.

''Dada I'm tired'' Ava murmers into my ear

''Okay baby I'll take you upto bed'' I place a gently kiss on her rosy red cheeks

Looking over at Brook for approvel she nods before moving out of my way so I can get to the landing.

(Justins POV)

Tucjing Ava into Brooks bed I give her a gently kiss before turning my back to hear a shriek of crying come from Ava. Turning my neck in light speed I look at my daughter, tears streeaming down her face

''Whats wrong baby'' I ask
''I want choo to stay dada'' she pleads
''I'll have to ask mummy baby'' I answer her , my heart breaking to see her like this

Turning I see Brook stood behind me with tears in her eyes.

''Whats wrong Brook?''
''Nothing I'm fine'' SHe lies wiping away her tears.

Frowning I accept her lie and look deeper into her eyes. Its almost as if she can read my mind before she speaks

''You can stay in my bed with her I'll sleep on the sofa'' she smiles trying to hide her pain



* I am so so so so so so so sorry that it took so looooooooooooooong to update I've been really busy I hope you enjoy tho

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