Why why does life has to get so complicated


7. The Question

Ella's POV

"Ok," he said sounding unsure.

"Can you tell us what happened and who that was?" Liam asked.

"Emm that was my ex boyfriends best friend and let's just say we didn't have the best relationship," I explained.

"Okay," Liam answered and turned back to Danielle carrying on with the conversation he was in before the Mike business started.

I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I opened the text seeing it was from an unknown number.

'From: Unknown

Don't think I didn't know you were there in that restaurant with all your gay 1D friends'

Mike! I bet it was him oh god help me!!

"I don't think I feel very good I think I am just going to go home," I excused myself from the table.

"I'll go with you to make sure you get home safe," Harry said getting up from his seat.

"You don't have to," I argued not wanting to ruin his night.

"Nope it's fine," Harry answered grabbing his coat and we walked out together. 

We got back to the house and Harry opened the door.

"So what really happened?" he asked.

"Nothing," I stuttered.

"It doesn't seem like nothing," Harry said coming closer.

"Fine he raped me," I mumbled the last part but Harry seemed to hear as he wrapped me in his arms.

"I'll protect you don't worry," Harry soothed.

We both fell silent and the only sound that could be heard was our breathing.

"Ella you don't deserve any of this!" Harry stated after a few minutes.

"Please don't tell anyone else," I pleaded looking up to him with hopeful eyes.

"I won't I promise as long as I get to ask you one more question," Harry bargained.

"Ok," I answered.

"I meant to ask this the night of our last date a few years ago! Will you go on a second date with me?" he asked.

"Yes," I answered and hugged him. He brought his lips to mine and I met him halfway. Our lips pressed together and I felt sparks and fireworks and it felt magical like I was safe.

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