Why why does life has to get so complicated


6. The flashback



Ella’s POV


I turned to Harry, who was sitting right next to me, "Hide me!!!" I whispered.

-----Back to story-----

I dived under the table hitting my face off everyone’s shoes.

They have really smelly feet! I thought but it didn’t bother me as I am used to the foul stanching allies smelly of smoke and alcohol.

I saw Harry’s brown boots move and saw them walk out from the table. I heard voices one belonging to Harry and the other…. Mike? Oh no! Mike is going to start a fight!

----Flashback------ “Please Mike no I don’t want to!” I pleaded to my ex boyfriend’s best friend.

“You will do what I say!” he hissed.

“No!” I screamed.

“Yes,” he replied gruffly. *Slap* I felt my cheek sting where he had just slapped me. I took a step back and he took and step towards me and I just kept backing away into I felt my legs hit the end of the bed. He pushed me down and got on top of me as I struggled and kicked trying to get out his tight grasp.

“Stop wiggling!” he ordered and I stopped as I was scared as what he might do, “There’s a good girl, now you hurt my friend and I am going to punish you so you can’t walk properly for a week!” he tried to whisper seductively.

“Help!” I screamed.

“No one’s coming Princess!” he cackled cruelly in my ear. He ripped my trousers in two and threw them aside. He did the same to my pants and his. He shoved his dick in my face.

“Suck!” he ordered. I was shaking so bad it took me quite a few times to lift my hand up and grab his dick and put it in my mouth. I was still a virgin and didn’t know how to do this properly as I was only 16. He started thrusting into my face and after a bit that seemed like years listening to him moaning he finally cum straight into my mouth. He glared at me until I swallowed all of it. I nearly choked on some of it but managed to keep it going down my throat. Without warning I suddenly felt him slam into me and start going as deep and as fast as he could not letting me adjust. I felt a tear roll down my face as he kept slamming into me.

“Stop crying and get on top!” he ordered rolling over so I was on top. I started slowly smashing my hips into his wincing every time he entered me.

“Hurry up!” he yelled grabbing my hips and smashing them into his faster and harder and faster and harder. He rolled back on top moans coming out his mouth. I was not enjoying this in the slightest. This kept going on for hours him just fucking me giving the occasional love bite pulling my hair. I thought this was meant to be pleasurable for both people this is just my bad luck that this one week my mum and dad decide to go on holiday I find out about my ex cheating and dump him! Then his best friend wouldn’t be able to rape me cause my mum would be home!

-----The next day-------

I woke up and looked around my room looking at the torn clothes that were ripped from my body the night before. I tried to get up, as I didn’t want to spend another minute in this bed with Mike who was still there. I tried to get out but ended up falling into a crumpled heap on my bedroom floor the inside of my thighs were so sore. I heard Mike get out of bed and come over.

“Get your fat but off this goddamn floor and make me breakfast!” he yelled kicking me then getting back into the bed. I clutched my stomach where he kicked me and tried getting up.

“I said get up NOW!” he roared. I finally got up scared he might hurt me worse if I didn’t get up. I limped out the door as he just laughed.

“Told you, you wouldn’t be able to walk properly!” he laughed and I went downstairs finally collapsing on a kitchen chair.

“Hurry up I am starving!” I heard him yell from upstairs.

“Ok,” I said not having the energy to shout.

I made him some eggs, bacon, sausages and toast with a coffee. I limped back upstairs wincing with every step. This is pure torture! I thought to myself. I walked into the room and saw no one was there so I was about to place the tray on the ground when I felt someone start sucking on my neck. I froze and quickly placed the tray on the table.

“Hey Princess, ready for some more fun!” he said. I got worried as we were both still naked as he didn’t give me time As I was about to say something I felt his dick enter my backside. I screamed in pain.

“That’s it baby scream for me!” he whispered in my ear. I shivered with disgust. After 3 thrusts he pulled out and gathered his clothes off the floor and put them on. He walked downstairs and walked out the front door and closed the door but not without adding,

“Be ready for tonight babe, last night I was only getting started!”

I groaned and decided a shower would be nice as my body felt disgusting.

I spent ages in the shower trying to get all evidence of what happened last night off my body. Luckily I don’t have to go to school, as it was summer break. I laid down on the couch jumping at every noise as I thought he was coming back. I decided to call him, he as I don’t think he deserves a name! The last thing I thought before I fell asleep was, don’t let him get me!

I woke up and checked the clock it was already 6 o’clock and I was getting hungry. Thankfully I couldn’t see Him anywhere. I fixed myself some dinner and sat down wolfing it down as I was so hungry and I didn’t want Him coming in and not letting me eat it. I had just sat down in front of the TV when I heard someone bang on the door. I didn’t want to get up as I knew it was Him.

“Open the goddamn door or I am going to smash it down!” he yelled.

I timidly opened it and he pushed inside.

“I thought I told you to get ready which means be naked and have mattresses on the ground so I can just take you right here, right now!” he yelled.

“Sorry!” I muttered.

“You better be!” he yelled, “But I am too horny to take you upstairs so get on that sofa before I explode!”

I went and lay on the sofa and he practically jumped on me ripping my top and trousers off. He hungrily sucked and kissed up and down my body when he reached my clit he stuck his tongue in.

“Take my trousers off!” he ordered. I started fumbling with the zip.

“Now!!” he yelled ripping them off himself and before I could say another word he rammed into me, “You like that baby? Scream my name!”

I shook my head as I wasn’t enjoying this not one bit!

“What’s wrong baby am I not going fast enough for you?” he told me breathlessly picking up his pace and ramming into to me harder and deeper and faster.

“I told you to scream! So scream!” he yelled at me slapping my but. I screamed in pain knowing it was going to be bright red by tomorrow. He then went deeper and faster than I could ever imagine.

“Ahhhhhhhh!” I screamed in agony and soon he came inside of me. He lay panting only for a second then he put his lips all over my body sucked and squeezing my boobs and bum and I just lay there wishing this would end. He lay beside me and soon fell asleep, I could tell by his loud pig like snores that filled the room. I have never wanted my parents back from holiday more than I do right now. I soon fell asleep as tiredness fell over me.

I woke up to find someone entering my but. I screamed.

“Come on baby! Time to have some more fun!” he said.

“No!” I screamed.

“I see what you’re doing you want me to chase you and punish you as you have been a very naughty girl!” he laughed.

This went on for the next few days he would leave in the morning after a short round and then come back later and have a very torturous long round and sleep here. Now it was a day before my foster parents were coming back from their holiday and I was so glad. I never thought I would be so happy that they would come home.

He was still fucking me, as it was about 10 at night I was covered in hickies and his lips. I heard the door open as we were on the couch as he just couldn’t wait! I saw my foster mum come in and gasp.

“Get out both of you! Ella how dare you have sex with your boyfriend all the time we’re away. They are my sofa’s and I never want to see your face again now get out!” she yelled, my foster father behind her nodding and giving me death glares.

We both grabbed our clothes before pushed outside. I quickly put them on before any of the nosy neighbours saw.

“This stays between you and I Ok? Never repeat what happened to anyone otherwise I will track you down and kill you!” Mike said between clenched teeth and giving me a kiss on the lips that he turned into a make out session. I heard the familiar police sirens coming as they always do when I am kicked out of a foster home.

----Flashback over-----

I had never seen him since until this day. That sounds like something in a horror movie the thing is this was real life!

“You can come out from under the table love,” I heard Harry whisper, “He’s gone!”

“Promise?” I whisper back looking into his eyes.

“Promise!” he reassured me. Without thinking we started leaning in towards each other before realising what we were doing and both pulled away awkwardly before climbing back out.

“Who was he?”

“What were you doing under the table?”

“That guy was creepy!”

“Did you snog under the table?”

Came the chorus of voices, the last one obviously by Louis.

“Something’s going on between you two!” Liam said obviously knowing something happened.

“Nothing,” I reassured him.

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