Why why does life has to get so complicated


5. shopping

Ella's P.O.V 

"Ok I'll stay," I sighed wondering why the boys wanted a horrible slut living with them.

"Today we are going to get you some new clothes!" Harry told me.

"You don't have to do that," Theses boys were doing so much for me.

"Yes we do," Louis chimed in walking down the stairs, "We can all see you have been through a lot just let us get you some,"

"Fine" I knew there was no point trying to argue more as I knew Liam was always very stubborn. "Good now who's going to wake up Zayn! I'm not!" Liam shouted.

"I'm not!" Louis shouted as did harry and Niall. I didn't see the big deal of waking up Zayn. "Haha you have to wake him up!" Louis shouted laughing.

I walked up to Zayn's room and walked over to his bed. "Zayn wake up," I told him. he didn't move, "Zayn wake up!" I said in a louder voice. he didn't even move. "Zayn wake up!" I shouted jumping up and down on his bed. This time I got a reaction with him picking up a pillow and throwing it at me it missed as his eyes were closed. 'That's it,' I thought. "Zayn wake up or I will shove all your girl hair products in the bin!" He jumped up and ran to the bathroom to get ready. I knew that would work as the boys told me how Zayn loves all his hair products so I went and looked at them before waking him up to see how many he actually had. His windowsill, sink and inside of the shower were all filled with them. "I got him up!" I shouted as I walked down the stairs.

"Really that was quick!" Liam exclaimed obviously amazed, "How did you manage that?"

"Just put his hair products in danger of getting chucked away!" I laughed.

"Well Danielle is going to meet us there!" Liam told us. I gave him a questioning look, "Danielle's my girlfriend," He started smiling like crazy it was obvious he was in love. When he said girlfriend my heart dropped I don't know why Liam is just a friend and will never be anything more. I hope Daniellle is nice and is nice to him.

Zayn came downstairs glancing at me on his way past. I just smirked and carried on eating breakfast. "Well lets go!" Louis shouted running through jumping up and down like a 2 year old. "come on guys!" Liam said walking out the door with all of us tagging behind apart from Louis who already ran out to the car.

---At the shopping centre--- 

We had just parked the car up and started to walk into the shopping centre then Liam ran up to a girl with lovely tan skin and wonderful curly browny chestnut coloured hair , "I've missed you so much Liam , I love you so much !" She said kissing his cheek , then she looked at me , I was still in my outfit from last night , "Who are you ??" She asked kindly 

"I'm Ella Jade , I'm one of Niall and Harry's friend . I guess that your Liam's girlfriend Danielle ???" I smiled and extended my hand for her to shake it and she did then pulled me into a hug . After we walked into the shops not just the normal shops like primark and new look . We were at jack wills and Holster as soon as I saw the price tags on the tops I liked I turned to Niall who was right next to me "I can't let you by me anything from here I costs a lot !!!" I stated 

"To bad Ella we are getting you some clothes from here !!" He smiled and then passed me a massive pile of clothes "Go try these on!" 

I did as I was told and I went to try them on , I walked into the changing room and I took one hard look at my self in the floor length mirror , I looked nothing like I did when I first met Harry , Niall and Liam . I must have been in there for a while cause the was a knock at the door , "Ella its Dannille are you okay in there ???" 

"Yeah I'm fine , just coming!" I said through the door , then I came out and smiled at the guys' and Danni 

After Harry paid for the clothes and passed me the bags we all went to Nandos for lunch we all sat down and started to talk about everything . They were all talking about there new signal and I started to look around the restaurant then I saw him , I turned to harry who was right next to me ,"Hide me !!!" I whispered  

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