Why why does life has to get so complicated


4. memoires

Ella's P.O.V 


I felt the bed tip where Niall lay down . I fell asleep straight way as I never got a full nights sleep either I was in someone else's bed or on the street . I woke up late and forgot where I was and started straight for the door like I usually do when it all came flooding back , The hospital , Liam , Niall and the band . Niall wasn't in the room so I decided to go downstairs . I walked downstairs Liam and Niall were talking quietly and stopped as soon as I got downstairs . "Hey Ella , you must be starving take what ever you want from the kitchen !" Niall said 

"Thanks guys I'll leave today so I don't bother any of you !" I said  

"NO please stay !" A sleepy Harry said walking down the stairs 

"I really should though !" 

"But I remember when you were in Holmes Chapel me and you were very close ! I want to catch up on your life !" 


I was sitting in music and we had to pair up . It was my first day so I didn't have a partner so I just sat and waited for the unlucky person that would have to be my partner when a boy with curly hair came up and asked ,"Hey beautiful wanna be with me !" Even though it was more like a statement then a question . 

"All right !" I said happy to have someone come up to me and plus he was extremely good looking . Class was over and I was exited for the next music lesson where we had to do a project with our partners we choose so that means spending more time with Harry , the curly hair guy . "Come on a date with me after school ?" Harry asked 

"Yeah sure !" I said trying to act casual but actually I was screaming inside . I was so glad it was 6th period this day had gone by so slow I couldn't wait for my date with Harry ! Finally I herd the bell ring and I packed up all my stuff and rushed out to Harry's car hoping that the orphanage people didn't see me cause I know that they won't let me go with Harry . I watched the orphanage van come and collect the other people then look for me once and then drive away . I knew they wouldn't care where I was they are probilay celebrating that I wasn't there . Harry finally came out the doors and walked over to me . "Hey Ella hop In !" He said gesturing to his car . I got in and he started to drive . We talked about our lives and our favourite things and just play full banter about what football teams better and stuff like that . Harry pulled off the road and into a wee lay by and got out . He opened my door for me . I was really confuse as to why we were here . Then Harry showed my this little path that I had missed before . We walked for like five minutes and there in front of us was a breath taking view . There was a missive water fall with a big pool at the bottom all the water sparkled and they looked like shining diamonds were falling down with the water fall , as the water came down cascading down it bounced off all the rocks .

By the water fall was a cute picnic table set up with a blue table cloth flowers in a vase and food on the table . "You did all of the for me !" I asked in dis belief 

"Yup !!" He answered proudly 

"It' beautifal !" 

"I come here when I like to think and I told my self when I find a special girl I would take her here on my first date ,"He replied blushing  . We had an amazing dinner and soon had to leave . Harry drove me me to the orphanage where I thanked him for everything . 

When I walked "Where were you we were worried sick !!!" The lady who ran the orphanage shouted . 

"Sure you did !" I replied sarcastically 

"That's it you are not living here any more !! You have caused nothing but trouble over the past few weeks always answering back and being mean and ruse to the other children !! Can't you shut your mouth and get your shitty ass out of this orphanage !! I never want to see your ass here ever again !!!!!" She screamed at me and I stormed out of the house . Well then I'll just have to tell Harry in the morning about me having to move or right now and I could hide over ....... WEEE WOOO WEEE WOOO . Oh great that's the police here to take me away before I can even say bye to Harry , "You'll have to come with us miss ." The police offercer ordered and led me over to the car 

"Fine !!" I mumbled , there's no use in running . I got in the police car and we drove off with out saying bye to Harry 

---Flash back over --- 

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