Why why does life has to get so complicated


3. I'm sorry Liam I've changed

Ella's P.O.V 

After Liam and Louis had helped me into Liam's car , I started to sing along to the CD that was playing , "White lips, pale face
Breathing in snowflakes
Burnt lungs, sour taste
Light's gone, day's end
Struggling to pay rent
Long nights, strange men

And they say
She's in the Class A Team
Stuck in her daydream
Been this way since eighteen
But lately her face seems
Slowly sinking, wasting
Crumbling like pastries
And they scream
The worst things in life come free to us
Cause we're just under the upper hand
And go mad for a couple grams
And she don't want to go outside tonight
And in a pipe she flies to the Motherland
Or sells love to another man
It's too cold outside
For angels to fly
Angels to fly......."  I trialled off , I must have had my eyes shut cause I opened them to reveal Louis starring at me with his mouth wide open . 

"Oi Tomlinson what you gawpping at??" I asked slapping his arm 

"You can sing that word for word like you mean it!" He explained , starring still

"Yeah 'cause it's my song , it describes me and my life since I was 15 !" Answered 

"15!!" He exclaimed 

"Yeah" I shrugged "Li Li are we there yet??" 

"Five mins Ella Bella!" He replied happily 

"Can I please ask a really blond question ??" I asked 

"Yeah sure fire away." Louis replied happily 

"Who's all in the band??" I rushed , embarrassed

"Well there's me Liam , Niall , Zayn and Harry!" he replied 

"That's us here , I'll get your door for you!" Liam smiled  , a few seconds later Liam came round to my door and opened it for me , he extended his hand out for me to take it , but I didn't ,

"Are you okay ??" He asks concerned

"No Liam I'm not okay , look at me I'm a filthy whore and look at what I'm wearing !!! I'm not the same Ella Bella from 3 years ago . I'm sorry Liam!!" I screamed  , with tears trickling down my cheeks . 

"You are still the same Ella Jade Renton from 3 years ago you've just changed a bit , come on let's go inside it's a bit chilly" He said , and before I could say anything else he swooped me up into his arms and carried me into his house . 

"Hello boys' , how are we this fine evening??" Liam smiled at a group of guy's who where all sitting on the sofa , the boy with blondy brownish hair look so filmier . 

"Niall ??" I asked aloud 

"Ella is that you ?? I've not seen you in like four years !!" He exclaimed running up to hug me , Liam let me down so Niall could hug me . Then me and Niall started to laugh out of no where . 

"What's so funny ???" The curly head  boy asked 

"Nothing , it's a long story!" Niall smiled  "Ella do you want to borrow some clothes??" 

"Yes please." I looked down at my current outfit , Niall lead me up to his room it looked the same like it did in Ireland with the blue walls and Irish flags hanging up every in every space . 

"Not changed a bit!" I giggled as he handed me his Ireland rugby shirt and some joggers . 

"So how's the pop star life going ??" I asked while putting the shirt on 

"All right , how'd you know Liam ??" He asked 

"He was one of my friends when I got sent to Wolverhampton." I smiled 

"I still can't believe they packed you up and sent you off like that!" He groaned  

"A know I'm sorry , I'm sorry to your mum and dad and Greg!!" I sighed "Can I stay in your room the night please ???" 

"Yeah sure , does Harry know you he looked like he did ??" He questioned 

"I think so I was at Holmes Chapel for six months before I moved to Ireland." I said be fore I snuggled into the warm duvet 

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