Why why does life has to get so complicated


1. from the start

Ella's P.O.V 

--- flash back ---

"Oh look it's smelly Elly" Piper shouted across the pitch 

"It's Ella not Elly or smelly Elly" I screamed back 

"Oh look she's getting mad" said walking up to me and slapped me "Never scream or yell at me again got it!"she whispered then I slapped her back and miss Carver saw Piper played her part as poor little innocent girl and blamed it all on me 

"head teachers office now miss Renton" miss carver said in a stern voice



That as nearly four years ago in my second or third foster home and now I work on the streets by that I mean that I'm a hooker and I just turned  so yeah this has been my life since I was 15 and I hate it !!!! You never know if your gonna wake up in a house or car or ever back on the streets in some ally way . FUN ................NOT. 

My life is sorta like the Ed Shearen music video for A-Team every night I wander the streets looking for a man to sell love too . basically what I'm doing right now in a pair of black fish net tights short shorts and a very low cut top while walking in 6 inch heels and who did I just happen to walk into Liam Payne my old best friend . He now knows what I'm doing I gave him one look he did the same to me and a ran back up the street away from him but he is running after me and screaming my name then with out warning I fell over looks like running in heels isn't one of my best ideas.

"Ella are you okay ??? what are you doing out here looking like well that??"He asked. 

"First no I think I ma have broken my ankle and second this is my life now every night since the day I got expelled from school my foster parents kicked me out which was over 3 years ago it's all Pipers fault I hate her fucking guts!!!!"I screamed.

"I'm taking you up to the hospital to get checked out okay ??"he told me   

"fine" then he picked me up and took me to his car and four guys were standing around it. 

"Liam James Payne we all thought that you were the sweet and innocent one of the group and the you run after a hooker and bring her back to the car " The one with a Yorkshire accent said. 

"You are fucking kidding me Liam you said that you were gonna take me up to the hospital now Mr. Yorkshire tea here is making it sound like your gonna make me have sex with you with a fucked up ankle" screamed at him and trying to get out of his grip.  

"Louis come on man uncalled for this is Ella she was one of my best mates before I went on X factor the 2nd time" Liam explained to Louis. 

"Okay Okay cam down bro I guess that want the car then??" he asked.

"No shit Sherlock" I mumbled under my breath. 

"Okay miss sassy" Liam joked .

-----At the hospital----- 

After I got to know the boys and the doctor came back in and said ,"Okay so you have only twisted your ankle not broken it we have called your boyfriend to come and pick you up" the he left. 

"fuck how did the get Steve's mobile number??" I asked. 

"You are still with him?!?!?" Liam asked. 

"Yeah" I said really quietly.

"Even after every thing that he has done to you" Liam asked raising his voice I could only nod my head in response. 




hello people this is my 5th one direction fan fiction if you wanna read the others they are called 

1]Me and my brother Louis (Also Quotev) 

2]Love Hurts


I hope you like this fan fiction and my others 

good bye for now !!!

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