The Diary of a werewolf

This story is about Steven who is as some would say different but is really just a troubled teenager. Oh and he's a werewolf


2. The Incident

A weird "incident" happened today. I was lucky that no one was geeky enough to be in the library that day. Ok here is what happened... 

I was reading one of my favourite books when someone texted me it was my Mum telling me that someone had mugged my sister.  I obviously got very angry, when this weird sensation ran through my body. It was an itchy sort of tingling. So I thought that I might have gotten bitten by a mosquito, so I looked down at my arm but it was covered with thick, course, brown hair.  That was when the pain started! 

At first it felt like I was being stretched. But than my bones felt like molten iron was replacing the marrow! I started to get up but when I finally could I was hunched almost double. Dizzy from the pain my only coherent thought was "I must find help" as I made for the door I felt every bone in my body snap!  

I than blacked out from the pain. When I woke up my mind felt sluggish and slow. But I could smell everything, the paper from the books, the cigarette smoke from the last library monitor (thankfully retired)  even the pickles in my sealed lunch box. That was when I smelt the meat. 

My memory is very fuzzy but I vaguely remember tearing my way through the library trying desperately to find the meat. I than blacked out properly. 

About 20 minutes later I came to,  when I sat up I groaned in distress the library was wrecked, books were scattered everywhere gouges in the shelves. I think that I am a werewolf. Strangely there was a note in my bag saying "meet me at this adress, I can help you. 

I guess I know what I am doing tomorrow.

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