one direction imagines

Hey, so i decided to do some imagines. If you would like one just comment your name, hair color, eye color, what boy and what you would like to happen!


14. Zayn+deajah(birthday)


Today was your birthday and you were very happy, not just because of presents, but because you could spend some time with your boyfriend Zayn. You had not seen a lot of him lately because of his tour, but he promised he would make it to your birthday. You took a shower, before changing into a red dress and applying a little makeup to your brown eyes. Once you were done you heard the doorbell ring. You opened the door and saw all the boys but not Zayn. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, they all said together. Thank you guys, you said smiling. Where's Zayn? He had to go and pick something up, but he'll be back any minute, Liam replied. Okay then, you said. You all went and sat in the living room. Here Deajah, I bought you this, Niall said while showing a giant cake. Aww Thnx, you said placing the cake down on the table. You then heard the doorbell ring and you went to answer it. Zayn, you said jumping in his arms. Happy birthday Deajah. Thnx Zayn. You both went and sat in the living room. Everyone gave you your presents and Zayn's was the best, because he had given you a cute white fluffy puppy, with a black collar. Thnx everyone, this is the best birthday ever. You finished the day by eating the cake Niall had bought, however Niall had already ate most of it, then when everyone left apart from Zayn you both cuddled together. I love you so much, Deajah your the best girlfriend anyone could ever have. I love you too Zayn, your the best boyfriend anyone could ever have too. You both laughed and then kissed ending the night, perfectly.A/N it's my birthday, haha. I'll update later 2.

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