one direction imagines

Hey, so i decided to do some imagines. If you would like one just comment your name, hair color, eye color, what boy and what you would like to happen!


19. Niall+leanna(I can love u more)

Leanna p.o.v: Stop, I cried whimpering in pain as his cold hand made contact with my face. Why should I stop, this is all ur fault, everything is ur fault, he shouted throwing u to the wall. He then left u alone, like he did everyday, to go and drink, like he also did everyday. Your phone suddenly rang and u crawled over to it, not being able to walk cause of dark red bruise he had left on ur stomach when he threw u to the wall. On the phone was Niall, the only one who really cared for u, and said he loved u with all his heart. Hey Niall, u said trying to hide the pain ur boyfriend Leon had left. Hey Leanna, I was hoping u could come to mine today and we could watch movies with the rest of the lads. Um, I-I don't know Niall, Im not really up to it today. Why, is there something wrong? Niall asked concern filling his voice. N-no im fine Niall, really, u replied. I can tell when something is wrong, it was Leon wasn't it. You couldn't answer, not knowing how to reply. Niall p.o.v: I quickly pulled on my shoes, while throwing on my jacket. I arrived at Leanna's leading her to my car, I then held up her cheek, gently stroking it, examining the dark bruise. Anger rushed trough my body, knowing who had hurt the love of my life. The car ride was silent, and once we got there I spotted Leon. Go inside Leanne, I said. No Niall I can't leave u, Leanna replied tears almost running down her cheeks. I wanted to cuddle her, say everything would be ok, but I needed her to be safe. Leanna p.o.v: I sat inside the boys and there girlfriends trying to calm me down, yet the tears still threatened to fall. Niall, you said jumping in his arms. He had a few scratches but nothing serious. I love you so much Leanna please be my princess. You replied by pressing ur lips to his and when u both pulled away, u were both grinning like crazy.A/N hope u like it, sorry it was late :)
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