one direction imagines

Hey, so i decided to do some imagines. If you would like one just comment your name, hair color, eye color, what boy and what you would like to happen!


8. Niall+ellie(party)

Ellie p.o.v: Hurry up Ellie, the party is gonna start soon. Your boyfriend Niall yelled from downstairs. Almost done Niall five more minutes, you replied back. You had curled your dirty blonde hair, and applied eye liner to your lively blue eyes, you were wearing a black dress that had a flower on one of the shoulders. You rushed downstairs while grabbing your purse on the way. You saw Niall wearing a plain white shirt with black jeans. Wow, Ellie you look beautiful. Thx Niall, so do u, you said with a smile. Well we better get going, Niall said while taking your hand in his and leading you to his car.

Once you got there the party was amazing, you and Niall were dancing together to rock me. Im gonna get some drinks babe, be right back, Niall tried to say over the loud music. Okay Niall, be quick. Once Niall went to get some drinks u went out too the garden where some more guests were, you decided to find the rest of the boys and say hi. Ellie over here, you heard harry call. Hey Harry. Hey Ellie you look gorgeous. Thx Haz, u replied. Harry leaned in and kissed u on your lips. Ellie where r u, you heard Niall call. Harry pulled away and put his finger on his lips, signaling u not to tell Niall. You giggled and found Niall. There you are Ellie, i was looking everywhere for you, did u have a good time, Niall asked while handing u a drink. Yeah I've had a great time, you answered. Good, we better go home it's getting late. Okay Niall, let's go.

When you and Niall arrived home u watched movies and cuddled each other, then you fell asleep on Niall shoulder so he carried u to bed.

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