one direction imagines

Hey, so i decided to do some imagines. If you would like one just comment your name, hair color, eye color, what boy and what you would like to happen!


43. Niall+Devyn(truth or dare?)

Devyn p.o.v: It was late at night, past midnight, but you and the boys didn't feel at all tired so you all sat around the living room floor playing truth or dare. '' Ok your turn Harry.'' Niall softly spoke. '' Truth or dare?'' '' Umm... I choose... dare.'' ''Ok I dare you to...... Kiss.... Louis.'' harry wiggled his eye brows, which caused everyone, including you to laugh, then he quickly gave a sweet kiss on Louis cheek. Louis pretended to faint, making everyone laugh again, you let out a giggle and Niall's head snapped towards you. His face in a grin, smirking even more when he got your attention. You blushed, then realised that the rest of the boys were looking at the both of you giving you suspicious looks. ''And your sure you two aren't dating?'' Stated Louis with an eyebrow raised. You did have a crush on Niall, and the boys told you that Niall liked you as well, but you were both to afraid to admit it to each other. After a while you were all still playing truth or dare, and it came to your turn, which caught you of guard because you were busy looking at Niall. '' Heeloooooo Devyn can you hear us???'' ''Um yeah sure what.'' '' I said truth or dare?'' Louis asked looking at Harry trying to tell him something about you and Niall, which you were un aware of.'' I pick.... truth, you replied, knowing if you picked dare Louis would of made you do something extreme. Who do you like the most?'' You saw Niall's hand reach away from the popcorn he was about to eat, and turned attention to you, waiting for you answer. '' uhh.. W-well I like.. umm... Niall.'' You said whispering the last part. Niall's face turned into a huge smile and his eyes when bright blue. Without thinking he walked up to you and pressed his warm lips to yours. You held onto his tortso's because it took you by suprise, but when you realised what was happening you smiled and kissed him back. A/N hope u like it! Don't forget to comment for the new books im thinking of writing, remember to write down if u want it as a imagine or for the competition, Thx!!! :) :)
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