one direction imagines

Hey, so i decided to do some imagines. If you would like one just comment your name, hair color, eye color, what boy and what you would like to happen!


4. Niall+ashley(suprises u at softball)

Ashley p.o.v:

Today was my biggest softball game yet and I was really nervous, all i wished was that Niall my boyfriend could be here and watch me play, but he was on tour. I miss him so much he's all I think about and I can't wait for him to come back. Ashley someone is here to see you. Your coach said. You went too follow your coach outside. NIALL. You shout and jump into his arms. I missed you sooo much Niall. I missed you too Ashley. What r u doing here i thought u were on tour. I was but i couldn't miss your biggest softball game could i , so i sneaked off. He said with a wink. You giggled and you both walked hand in hand just in time too start the game. Niall went in the crowd and started to cheer when you began to play. After the game which you won finished, you and Niall went out and had a great day together. A/N tell me if u liked it in the comments :-) hope you did!

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