one direction imagines

Hey, so i decided to do some imagines. If you would like one just comment your name, hair color, eye color, what boy and what you would like to happen!


46. Louis+Taylor( happy at last)

Taylor p.o.v: New city, New home, New school. Everything was getting so hard for you, moving from one place to another, making New freinds then constantly leaving them behind. You slowly got out of bed, heading downstairs to eat some breakfast, then back up to have a shower, brush your teeth, and through your silky hair. You searched all over your wardrobe until you found a top, and high wasted skirt to go with it. You slipped on your shoes, and pulled your bag over your shoulder, reaching the end of the stairs to walk our the door. You walked to college, letting the sun shine over you. *At school* ''Right class, now today we have a new girl, everyone this is Taylor, and I want you all to make her feel very welcome.'' Louis, could you please show her around?'' The teacher asked, a browned haired boy, which you thought looked very cute. '' Sure.'' He replied, looking excited. Later at lunch, you decided to sit alone, thinking it will hurt less if you didn't make any friends, so you don't have to face the difficulty of leaving them behind. You were about to take a bite out of your apple, when you heared the boy you got introduced to earlier speaking. '' Hey, you alright?'' He asked sitting opposite you, looking concerned at the worry look on your face. '' Yeah im fine.'' You stated, smiling. ''Really you look a bit upset love.'' You shuddered slightly at the sound of him calling you love, but then calmly replied that you were fine. Louis noticed something was wrong but still kept quiet. You talked over the whole lunch, opening up more things to each other. '' You should defiantly meet the other guys, they would love you.'' You agreed knowing you may only be freinds for a while but decided to make the most of it. After school Louis walked you home, gently putting his hand in yours along the way. You reached home and Louis shyly kissed your cheek before leaving. You could still feel the butterflies fluttering in your stomach after he left. You opened the door and was welcomed by your mum, saying she had some good news. ''Well your dad's job here is going really well, more then expected, so we both thought it would be best to stay here if that's alright with you Taylor.'' ''Its perfect mum, thank you!'' You replied smiling hugely, knowing now you could stay freinds with Louis, and meet his freinds. You went upstairs to ring Louis from the number he gave you earlier, to find he was just as thrilled as you were. You laid in bed, finally happy with were you were going to stay. The next morning you woke up to a call from Louis asking to walk you to school, to what you happily replied a yes to. A/N hope u like it :) sorry if there are spelling mistakes.
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