one direction imagines

Hey, so i decided to do some imagines. If you would like one just comment your name, hair color, eye color, what boy and what you would like to happen!


9. Louis+kathyrn(propose)

Louis p.o.v:

Today is the day, the day I ask my gorgeous girlfriend Kathryn to be my wife. I have a special idea on how to ask her which I hope she will love. Right, now how do I teach this parrot to talk? hmmm..... Kathryn p.o.v:

Louis said he had something special planned for me today, I wonder what it could be. I went into my room and there was a big white box with black ribbon tied as a bow on it. There was also a note attached which said, dear Kathryn, put this dress on and meet me in the garden, from Louis. You opened the box and found a beautiful red dress which sparkled. You smiled put on the dress, and quickly slipped on some black heels, with the eye liner you were wearing earlier on your brown eyes. you decided to leave your brown hair with blue streaks curled, from how u done earlier. You then hurried out into the garden. wow Kathryn you look beautiful. thx Louis, umm why is there a parrot in the garden? You asked slightly confused. Before Louis could answer the parrot started to say, marry boo bear, marry boo bear. You looked at Louis for a answer, but when you tured around you saw Louis on one knee holding out a diomand ring. I love you so much Kathryn you mean the world to me , would you do the honour of being my wife? You Were so shocked you just nodded and couldn't help but cry. I love you too Louis. You then both shared a passionate kiss.

A/N hope you like it let me know :-)

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