one direction imagines

Hey, so i decided to do some imagines. If you would like one just comment your name, hair color, eye color, what boy and what you would like to happen!


34. Liam+Penny(I love all her little things)

Penny p.o.v: You sat at home watching the tv, waiting for your boyfriend Liam's interview. You felt so happy for him, and knew that him and the rest of the boys career could only get better. Your attention was then turned back to the tv, seeing the boys about to start the interview. It started of with questions they would usually ask, but then the interviewer asked Liam what he loved most about you. No way were going to be here forever, Niall interupted. Liam started to laugh but then began talking. Ok well I love her smile, her laugh, her eyes, her hair, the way we kiss, her... ok Liam thank you very much, but I think you've given us enough, the interviewer said, chuckling. Soon after the interview was over and Liam texted you letting you know he will be home soon. He walked through the door and was about to say something but you silenced him with a passionate kiss. It took him by suprise at first, but then tightened his grip around you waist and kissed you back. A/N tell me if u like it, I haven't updated for a while coz i was busy, sorry :)
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