one direction imagines

Hey, so i decided to do some imagines. If you would like one just comment your name, hair color, eye color, what boy and what you would like to happen!


17. Harry+Keyarra(pregnant)

Keyarra p.o.v:

U sat down, ur back against the wall, tears streaming down ur face, staining ur now pink cheeks. Flashes from yours and Harry fight kept replying in ur mind, all the shouts, and now tears, just because of that one fight. u ran to the bathroom, feeling sick and dizzy, causing u to throw up. One thought came to your mind, were you pregnant? No I can't be, could I? You did some tests and found out you were, with Harrys baby. You didn't know what to do, still shocked about the fight. u visited Elaoner, Perrie, and Danielle for advice, hoping they would know what to do.

When u arrived Danielle opened the door and as soon as she noticed ur red puffy eyes she toldu to come inside and explain what had happened. Well, me and Harry gotten into a fight about him coming home drunk nearly everyday, and I couldn't take it anymore. Don't worry Keyarra everything will be alright, Perrie assured me. It's not just that, i-im pregnant. Again the tears started flooding down ur face. Elaoner came and rubbed your back comforting u. Does he know ur pregnant? Asked Perrie. u shook ur head. Well I think you should tell him, Keyarra, Danielle suggested. Yeah i guess ur right, you said taking in a deep breath. Suddenly the doorbell rang, and Perrie went to see who it was. Keyarra, it's for u. You found yourself standing face to face with Harry. Listen i need to tell you something, u said, Harry just nodded. I-Im pregnant. What? Harry asked shocked. Harry shaked his head before pressing his lips to yours one final time, goodbye Keyarra. Goodbye Harry, u mumbled knowing u would never see each other again.

A/N hope u like it :)

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