one direction imagines

Hey, so i decided to do some imagines. If you would like one just comment your name, hair color, eye color, what boy and what you would like to happen!


35. Harry+Chloe(truth or dare?)

Chloe p.o.v: You were on your way to your best friends house, Liam, Louis, Niall, Zayn and Harry. You and Harry had dated a month ago but called it quits, because it wasn't going well. The truth was you still had feelings for him, but he defiantly didn't have any for you. Well that's what you thought. Hey, you said, seeing Niall who answered the door giving you a kiss on the cheek, hey Chloe. You went to the living room and saw the rest of the boys in a circle, sitting on the floor. They noticed you come in, and asked you to join them with there game of truth or dare, to which you happily agreed to. Ok Harry, truth or dare, Louis asked mischievously. Umm dare, you heard his think British accent speak, that you still deeply loved. I dare you to... snogg Chloe. No way, Louis you know I can't. Oh come on its a dare, besides you did say you still have feelings for her. Wait what??? Harry still has feelings for me??? You thought confused . Louis stop, Harry said sounding embarrassed. You giggled, thinking he looked adorable. You saw Harry's head shoot up, smiling when he saw you laugh. Before you knew it you were both leaning in and... bam!! You felt a whole load of butterflies in your stomach, and even more when he deepened the kiss. You finally pulled away and Harry mumbled near your lips, I never stopped loving you Chloe, me too.. A/N let me know if u liked it :) Also this was meant to be up yesterday but my internet connection was down, sorry about that.
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