one direction imagines

Hey, so i decided to do some imagines. If you would like one just comment your name, hair color, eye color, what boy and what you would like to happen!


48. Harry+Charlotte(school prom)

Harry p.o.v: ''Come on Lou, I really need your advice.'' ''Ok ok just tell her you heard the prom was coming up, and since you both didn't have anyone to go with you thought it would be best if you two go together.'' '' That sounds so easy, but are you sure it will work?'' ''Positive.'' Louis replied sounding confident. ''Ok I'll give it a go then.'' Charlotte p.o.v: You and your boyfriend had recently broken up and you didn't feel like going to your school prom, so instead you were sat on the bed in your room listening to some music through your headphones, until you heard your phone ringing. ''Hello.'' Hey Charlotte, I was thinking if I could maybe..uh....come round's just that I really got to tell you something.'' Um yeah sure.'' ''Alright see you in 5, bye gorgeous.'' Harry lightly chuckled. ''Bye Hazz, you replied before putting down the phone. A few minutes later your doorbell rang and you hurried downstairs knowing it would be Harry. Instead you found it was your ex. Tom. You felt the tears brim up to your eyes, and you stepped back in shock, before trying to shut the door. He put his foot in the way and said, ''Listen baby, I know we didn't really work, but could we please try again.'' You shook your head, not wanting to relive the relationship you once had with him. You again tried to shut the door, yet this time succeeding. A while later the doorbell rang again, and it was Harry.'' Charlotte, I saw Tom out there, are you alright?'' He asked, making direct contact with your blue eyes. For a second you felt safe, like all your worries were gone. For a second you felt love. Harry pulled you in his arms and hugged you until you felt better. Soon after you pulled out of his arms and he looked down at you looking confused. ''So what did you want to tell me?'' You asked smiling. ''Oh yeah...well I was hoping if you could.....go to the prom with me?'' You giggled As he mumbled the last part, but nodded feeling like the day could not get any better. You got changed into a beautiful red dress and did your hair and makeup, being happy with how you looked. Once you arrived Harry's hands were gently placed around your waist, with yours on his neck. You both danced to the music, grins spread across the both of your faces. ''I love you.'' Harry wispered against your ear. ''I love you too.'' He pressed his soft warm lips to yours and you felt love, like before. From then on you and Harry were known as the perfect pair, and you both loved each other endlessly. A/N sorry if it sounds rubbish, I got carried away, and if there is spelling mistakes, tell me if u like it though! :)
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