This was a poem that I wrote inspired by meeting one of my favorite celebrities, who showed me nothing but love and kindness. To that celeb I want to say, thank you and I love you.


1. Genuine

Hello love.

The pleasure of finally meeting you is all mine,

as I gaze at you with love and admiration in my eyes.

I reach out to touch you

and when your hand meets mine,

it makes my decision feel right.

The choice to see you tonight.

Having been promised a great time,

you don't give me anything less.

True to your word, I like that.


Your loving embrace makes me feel so calm.

I don't feel like a stranger in your arms,

but like a friend.

Your beautiful aura illuminates from you

like a star's glow in the night sky.

A star... that is what you are indeed.

But time has escaped me,

and our meeting is now done.

I leave a piece of my heart with you;

a token of how I adore you.

Through acclaim and adversity,

you remain the same.

True to yourself, I respect that.

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