Hansel's Life as an Egret

A bird named Hansel sought out for her family after being separated from her family by humans bulldozing their habitat for buildings and houses. By being separated from her family in the Amazonian Forests, 1894, Hansel's adventure is just a step ahead from him.


5. Walking on Ground

The birds hopping on foot were foolish to choose ground. As if they had a choice. They were tired and willingly to find the egrets. When there were two large rhino beetles scurrying by, the egret's mouth watered. And in a flash, the egret gobbled the insects in one bite, hungrily. "That just ruined my appetite for flowers," Fennel said, cocking her head down. "Sorry." As they traveled east without a word or chirp, they ran into inhabited trees. "Hey, Frank!" Hansel chirped. "Hansel! Hansel! Long time no see... I thought you died there for a second." a monkey replied. Right before their conversation began, monkeys shooed Frank away from Hansel. "Sorry, I need to go to the monkey ceremony. ONLY MONKEYS ALLOWED!" he called. They set off, both their heads cocking down. But then Fennel heard something prowling through the trees...

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