Hansel's Life as an Egret

A bird named Hansel sought out for her family after being separated from her family by humans bulldozing their habitat for buildings and houses. By being separated from her family in the Amazonian Forests, 1894, Hansel's adventure is just a step ahead from him.


3. Fennel

As tears rolling off cheeks, Hansel flew mile to mile. She saw nothing but deserted giant holes and stumps. Finally, the little egret fainted tiredly in mid-air. She crash-landed painfully. And there she lay, for the whole noon. A little shadow appeared on the grey feathers of the egret. "SQUAWK!" it quacked. The egret flew up high, and dived on the ground. "Hello!! My name is Fennel!! I'm a humming bird!!" Fennel yapped. "Hey," Hansel said, scratching her head. "Have you seen any egrets around here?"


"Yes, who?!"


"Uh, any egret besides me?"




"I said, any egret besides ME?"


"I saw a flock of egrets flying east."

"Thank you!! Can you take me there?"

"Sure!! Follow me!!"

And off they went, soaring above the canopies and forests. But what they're about to encounter is what they don't expect... a predator.

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