Hansel's Life as an Egret

A bird named Hansel sought out for her family after being separated from her family by humans bulldozing their habitat for buildings and houses. By being separated from her family in the Amazonian Forests, 1894, Hansel's adventure is just a step ahead from him.


6. A True Friend's Loss

Out came a red fox, looking directly at the egret. "Come with me." the fox scowled, spit running through his lips. "No!", and they ran away from the fox, but the mammal was gaining on them. "Faster!" Fennel screeched. "We can't go that fast on ground!" The fox jumped, slid, and banged into walls of stone. And finally, they stopped, the fox far behind, at least, what the birds think. They stopped, panting, out of breath. As they settled down, relaxed on logs, it wasn't relaxing for a while when the red fox again, ambushed them out of nowhere. "You have nowhere to hide... now..." it hissed. It jumped for Hansel, but Fennel tweeted and went in it's way, "Noo!" And the fox gulped in the tiny hummingbird instead. "No... no... not another loss... no!" the egret cried, sadly. As the fox digested, the egret flew away. "If... if.. it wasn't for Fennel, he would've got me and I couldn't have escaped.." the egret said, with tears. Thunder cackled. And the tear of the egret, flew down, on the trees, dynamically. "No..." the egret said, and that was it's last word for the whole flight to the east.

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