Hansel's Life as an Egret

A bird named Hansel sought out for her family after being separated from her family by humans bulldozing their habitat for buildings and houses. By being separated from her family in the Amazonian Forests, 1894, Hansel's adventure is just a step ahead from him.


7. A Tragic End

As the flight ended, the egret collapsed, again, and fainted at the same time. No one was there to wake Hansel up. No one cared. No one, except, Fennel. As the egret woke up, she was right beside her father and Wayne and Valerie. Everyone was there, except laying, motionless. Except everyone had a tiny puddle of blood next to their wings. And right beside Wayne, was a bullet. A big, silver, bullet.



End of the Book.

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Thank you for reading.

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