Fire and Ice.

"But you're my best friend..?" I pleaded. "But see, I want to be more than that. Don't you understand?" He whispered, pulling me close. Drew was my best friend. No matter how attracted I was to his blue eyes, and how funny and sweet he was, I didn't want to ruin our friendship if "us," didn't work. "Drew.." I trailed off. "Please, Abbie, I really do like you.." He pushes my chin up, forcing me to look at him. I just shook my head, starring into his glowing eyes.


1. Be mine?

- Continuing from the description -
"Why? Do you hate me?" his face saddens. I grasp his hand, "No, not at all." I smile, and he smiles back. "So, why?"  Drew asks one more time. But honestly, I didn't know the full answer. All I knew off is what I told him, "Babe," I start, it was a nickname we gave each other back when we were 7. We're 15 now. "What if "us" doesn't work out? Our friendship, it will be ruined. I just.. I don't want that." He let out a big puff of air, like a failed laugh, "See, you don't know if "us" won't work unless you try."  He raises his eyebrows. I laugh, "I guess thats kinda true.."  
He lets go of my hand, and wraps his arms around me. Pulling me even closer. His hot breath breathing on my face, "So, Abbie, will you? Will you be my girlfriend?" He stares into my eyes. God, his eyes were so beautiful. The moonlight reflected off of them, making his eyes even bluer.
I thought about it, I always liked him. That affection you get for someone after so long. When your younger, you believe its nothing. Just simple friend. But as you mature, you realize its something more. I had that "something more" with Drew. I never thought to act on the affection, but now that the choice is being throw in my face, what do I do? 
The fact that I didn't get too long to think about it, I went with what I always wanted, deep down. "Yes, Drew, I will go out with you." I bit my bottom lip. He smiles, "Thank the lord." He unwraps me from his arms, and takes my hand instead. We stand side-by-side, "So, can I walk you home?" He bumps into me. "You're the house next to me. What do I say? No?" I laugh. He sticks his tongue out, "I see how this is going to work." Drew says, before walking me home.

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