Silver Sky

Niall screws around with Harry, but Harry is a total closet case. But when Niall meets Zayn his whole world changes. He sneaks away to see him and everything seems so right, but all of a sudden Niall begins to see these numbers. Every person he looks at has them. They're eight simple digits, but he doesn't know what they mean, but when he finds out, he tries to change Zayn's and that causes them both to be blamed for a crime niether of them committed.


2. wherefore art thou

ZAYN The heat of his lips radiated to him like a fire, he was so close to making the final move when a female voice blared over the crowed. He hadnt lived here in America long but even he knew what that sound They moved apart far enough to look at eachother, their eyes speaking the same words in their silence. Niall sprinted For the house with all his might and Zayn did exactly the oppisite. He didnt stop, but only because he'd become so subdued in his mind that hed forgotten why he was running. The only thing on which he could focus was the Light airy feeling that Niall gave him, the breathless sensation that still coursed through him...or could that now be because of the running; he didnt care. Niall woke something up inside him and he liked loved it. It was the best thing he was given since he'd moved here to live with his grandmother and he'd give anything in the world to feel it again. I should turn around... he thought. No, he'd already in trouble he'll only make it worse-was it heartless that something inside told him he didnt care? Yes... is never selfish Love? The ramblings in his mind became foriegn to him, he sounded bat-shit crazy for christ sake. It wasnt possible to love someone within the first few seconds of knowing them...unless you knew them already.... NIALL I sullked around my house the rest of that night with a trash bag capturing red solo cups and...used condoms. That depressed me, I was picking other peoples condoms from my own bedroom floor (I could have sworn I locked that door). Plus...not only did I not get any, but I'd come so close to a kiss...a real kiss from a hot guy, but my mother had to inturupt. When all the unwanted guest were gone she snatched my phone away so fast I thought I might lose my arm. Indya got off the hook by blamibg everything on me, which I dont think my mom really believed because there's no way in hell I have that many associates...I barely had a friend. After my mom spat venom at me about the party she did what she always had wheb she was mad, locked herself in her room and played soothing music to calm herself. By the time I was finished it was three am which would have been when I expected my mom to return home...that didnt happen. "I come home because I decided I'd rather spind Saturday with my beautiful, sweet, son and his bestfriend and I come home to this shit...," those words from her ranting were the ones that stuck; the ones that me feel like a terrible excuse for a son. You are a terrible son Niall, I told myself. How much worse could it get... There was a knock at my bedroom window, the first time I labled it as nothing, but after the third time... I looked out and in the diming light if the silver sky I could see him. The blonde streak in his hair shinning like my hair would. I couldnt help but smile because hours later...he came back. I lifted the window inviting the brisk night air in,"What are you doing here...arent you supposed to be at home." "My grandmother wont care," he told me. His smile was pearl like, but it shone like a diamond. "So should I start quoting shakespear," I laughed and he did so in return. I was taken aback at this, I honestly didnt expect him to understand the humor in the situation, but he did. He has a brain...and you're a judgmental idiot, I said in my head. "How much trouble are you in," he asked. "Do I really have to tell you..." He looked at the ground and I could feel his saddness all the way up here. It was so easy to speak my mind to him if I wanted to talk to Harry I had to go through a lot more effort. First, I had to make sure he'd understand it...then I had to make sure there weren't too many words because anything over a sentence and a half his system would reject, Lastly, there was the fact that he just didnt want to listen to anything I wanted to say because he didnt care. All he ever wanted was a late night blowjob or anything else I was willing to give him...and there wasnt much I wouldnt give him.... "So when will I be able so see you again," he asked. "I'll send someone to in the morning and you will talk of plans for us," I smiled brighter than I ever had. "Then let loves wings take me home, where I will wait for your call," the reference sounded better coming from his lips rather than mine and it was amazing how just his voice could send my heart fluttering. These feelings were so sudden but so amazing it was like light was pour from every inch of my heart.
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