Silver Sky

Niall screws around with Harry, but Harry is a total closet case. But when Niall meets Zayn his whole world changes. He sneaks away to see him and everything seems so right, but all of a sudden Niall begins to see these numbers. Every person he looks at has them. They're eight simple digits, but he doesn't know what they mean, but when he finds out, he tries to change Zayn's and that causes them both to be blamed for a crime niether of them committed.


9. Stop being a brat

WARNING: GRAPHIC SEXUAL CONTENT. 9. Stop being a brat NIALL My hunger had started to get to me, and nit just because we passed by what seemed like the hundredth McDonalds but becsuse it had been neary 24 hours since I had consumed anything and the emptiness had really started to bother me. "You wouldn't have maybe packed some money in one of these bags," I asked. He didnt say anything to me, he didnt even loom back thaf time. he just stayed walking steady ahead of me. I knew how he was feeling because I was beginning to feel it too, maybe it was rubbing off on me. But then again, because nothing around here seems to be normal at the moment... I was becoming weary of the fact that he seemed to not be paying attention to me. I had never seen him act like this before and it was causing my stomach to turn. Was it selfish that I expected him to pay attention to me? It also stressed me out that everyday I sounded more and more like a pathetic little girl who couldn't take care of herself...when we all know that's not the case at all. because I'm not even a fucking girl. We came to the intersection of a street and it seemed that every step I took Zayn guilt further and further away and I couldn't travel with the person who was supposed to..."protect me" if he was going to act like a brat. two can play at this game, I thought. I stopped in the middle of the road and sat, criss crossed. I folded my arms across my chest and watched him walk along as if nothing happened. A car appeared down the road and I realized it was a stupid, stupid way to get him to talk to me, but I had to try something...if I didn't he would drive me crazy. He stopped abruptly and turned to check behind him. "Niall, what are you doing. Are you stupid," the car was getting closer but he took his time getting to me and that was enough to piss me off. I look up at him standing over me. "Get up, c'mon," he said. "Not until you promise to stop acting like a brat," I say. He folded hus own arms scross his chest and made a noise, "Me acting like a brat, look at you, you're sitting on the ground like six-year-old." The car began to honk, my heart thudded, but I didn't budge. Zayn looked at the car and I could see his nerves tremble through his tough guy facade. I smiled at this because it show that he still cared besides his behavior. "Okay Niall get up now," he said, holding out his hand. The car skidded to a stop, bumping my shoulder slightly. My heart pretty much jumped out of my chest. A woman got out, "What the hell is wrong with you kid, didn't your mom teach you not to play in the road!" "No," I told the truth. I looked at Zayn and he raised his eyebrows and nodded toward his hand. I took his hand and look at the woman and a spark light up her face. Her mouth grew wide and she slowly reached in her pocket for ger phone. Oh come on, I thought. "C'mon Niall," we started to run...yet again. We dodged trees and jumped fences, but all of it felt useless to me I felt like either way, no matter how much I ran...I was gonna get caught. When we had finally stopped running my energy was completely gone. That night we laid out our blankets on a patch of clear ground within the concealment of the trees. "I'm sorry," he said. "For what," I ask. "Being...distant," he admitted. "Just don't make me feel like I'm unwanted, Harry did that to me for three years and I don't ever want to deal with it again." We both sat down facing each other but barely able to see. His hand found my cheek and he stroked it with his thumb, "I'm not Harry. There's a big deference between he and I." "And what's that," I pressed my face into his hand into his hand. "I love you," there was absolutely no hesitation at all. The words came out strong and proud. I felt like they were completely real, even tangible. I felt like they wrapped around my heart and squeezed it tight. "I love you too." He pulled my face to him with both of his hands and pressed his soft lips into mine. My body trembled at the touch of them, finally after Weeks of being interrupted, we finally did it. His pink lips felt so absolutely prefect against mine. I could feel his lips part Aven and his tongue pressed and I excepted his invitation and let him in. His mouth blended with mine and everything in th this moment was absolutely perfect. Then he did something, he took his hands from my face and wrapped them around my waist. He took me and laid me down on my back. I could feel his slight hesitation, so I gave him a clear invitation by saying, "Take off my shirt." He did so, pulling it slowly over my head and tossing it somewhere within the dark. I reached for his waist and tugged at his shirt. Zayn moved from my lips to my neck where he nibbled. I made a sound in the back of my throat as I shuddered. He went from my neck to my collarbone and from my collar to my chest. The velvet touch of his lips drive me completely wild. I had never felt such a fiery passion inside me. I lived it and I desperately wanted more, and that's exactly what he gave me. His lips trailed down my torso and finally to my pants where he tugged at my belt. I could feel him hesitate for approval. "Do it," I said with every inch of normality I could muster. The studs from my belt rippled add he pulled it out and the sound of the zipper sent chills down my spine. He pulled at my pants. And I let him take it off. I prepared myself when he'd gotten them off and stroked his hand up my leg and to my inner thigh. I was hard as a rock. Everything inside me swelled with raw emotion. He grabbed the waistband of my boxers and kissed below my waist. His lips felt great. He pulled if his own pants and pressed his body into me. I felt him and he falt me our heartbeats synchronic. He was easy and slow, he enjoyed the moment and took his time sliding inside me. Along with it he kissed me and I felt amazing. The silver moon was high and the noises of nature were few. Everything that we were beginning to gi through led to thus moment. This moment of unity; of complete oneness with each other. I felt him and he felt me.
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