Silver Sky

Niall screws around with Harry, but Harry is a total closet case. But when Niall meets Zayn his whole world changes. He sneaks away to see him and everything seems so right, but all of a sudden Niall begins to see these numbers. Every person he looks at has them. They're eight simple digits, but he doesn't know what they mean, but when he finds out, he tries to change Zayn's and that causes them both to be blamed for a crime niether of them committed.


3. Really Dad...

note: Crimsonly (not really a word but I use it any way) - associated with the color crimson; red, a description of anger or mild hatred. 3. Really dad... Niall I woke to a feeling of drowning, I shot upright gasping deeply for air. The freezing liquid caught in my throat and I choked until it was set free. "Wake up ya little shit," my father's voice was stern and bass-filled. Droplets of water trickled from my unruly bed head. I blew air up toward my nose to push a drop away. "Was that really necessary dad?" His face was a flat line, and unwavering, he didn't realize that at this age the hardened facial expressions didn't work anymore. I knew I was in trouble and I was willing to except the consequences, but all the extra was just pointless. "You don't get to tell me what is and isn't necessary, now get the hell up, you got two minutes," He strided strongly out of the room; fits clenched. I hate him. But I love him too, I think I hate him more for the things he hasn't done yet. When I was young...he would alway say: 'If you ever tell me you're a homo I'll throw you out on the street.' He and my mother are complete opposites in that way. It's my fault of course, I'm the one who decided to like men...or did I really have a choice. I drug myself from bed and threw on the first thing I saw, they hadn't confiscated my cell yet so I decided to shove that in my pocket, I won't have it much longer may as well enjoy it. "40 seconds, Niall James get your ass down here," His voice was way to overbearing. Sometimes I wanted to scream and tell him to shut the hell up, but that would be probabal cause for him to beat me...or worse. I'm hoping to stay on his good-angry side today. His boisterous voice echoed up the stairwell and through the hall as he began counting down the seconds. I rolled my eyes when I came to the stairs and took them two at a time. He grabbed me hard by the back of the neck. "So ya like throwing parties," we went through the kitchen to the back door, we stepped out onto the pourch and the sun beamed down heavily. The air was so thick and humid I could already feel the sticky sweat beginning to form. "Have fun cleaning the house, even the things you didn't mess up. You can't start by mowing the back yard," he let go, turned, went back inside and clicked the deadbolt behind him. This situation almost made me laugh. My dad was already planning to mow the lawn today, but it just so happens that now he has an exscuse to force me to, now he can sit in the house and do god-knows-what. I swear I'm never letting Egypt invite any over...ever again. My phone began vibrating against my thigh, I pulled it out and glared crimsonly at the screen. Speak of the devil. "Unless you're calling to help clean up, hang up," I answer. "Well hello to you to, ass-hat," I couldn't help but smile, her insults were always funny. My phone began vibrating against my thigh, I pulled it out and glared crimsonly at the screen. Speak of the devil. "Unless you're calling to help clean up, hang up," I answer. "Well hello to you to, ass-hat," I couldn't help but smile, her insults were always funny. "What do you want Africa?" "I really fuckin' hate it when you call me that," I know, I thought to myself. "I was just calling to see how it's turning out...." I sighed, "Well so far, I have to clean...EVERYTHING, starting with mowing the backyard, but you and I both know that's my dad's excuse not to do it," I explained. All of last night had suddenly popped back into the forefront of my mind, the drunken swaying kids, the smoke in the air, the thunderous thudding of the baseline and then...him. How close we had come to touching lips- "Hello, earth to Niall...," my daydream melted away at the sound of Egypt's voice. "Gege...I need you to do me a favor," I say. "After last night, anything," she responded. "Did you remember seeing a guy last night. He had a blonde streak in his hair, brown eyes and a gorgeous smile..." "Wait, uhh..," there was a new dose if recognition in her voice, "Zayn! You me him, OMG yes!" "Calm down, calm down. Okay last night we almost kissed, but my parents cams home, but later he came back and I told him I would send someone to meet him today with a plan so he could see me again...." "I'll go." There wasn't a single thread of hesitation in her. "Great, great, that's great," I smiled, "but what's the plan?" There was complete silence on the ither end of the phone and I was beginning to think that something had happened, until that sound sputtered fron he throart. "Tomorrow, you can meet him at Driftwood park." "Are you sure, there are always so many people there," I felt a little uneasy about there being people around. "Oh hush, you'll be fine, anyway, I know where he lives I can go talk to him, how does around noon-" "I don't hear grass being cut," my dad's voice traveled through the thick glass of the door. "That's fine, I have to go." I looked out over the railing into the yard, the grass had grown at least to my mid-calf, but I smile inspite of it, I was going to meet a boy tomorrow. Harry His entire face was hot, what he saw last night continuously replayed inside his head. He thought he had Niall in a tight leash, that he controlled him, he was weong of course. No matter how much he didn't want to admit it, Niall was his own person despite his secrets, Harry couldn't say the same for himself. Harry... he was whatever they wanted him to be, but that, he thought, was beside the point. He couldn't believe in a single night one guy had just...stolen Niall away from him, he was going to find a way to stop it. Even if it killed him. There were so many feeling burried inside him he couldn't even begin to comprehend them all. Niall was his, he knew that much clear as day. He'd never call Niall his boyfriend or any bullshit like that, but nonetheless, he belonged to Harry. Twitching fervently a girl with moca colored skin came toward him. "The hell are you so chipper about," he spat at her. "It's none of your damn business, Harold," she turned he face away from him. She strutted closer and before she could pass him he grabbed her tight by her bicep, "Don't you ever call me that." "Harold, I'm gonna have to ask you to let me go, I am not Niall Horan, I am not going to cower at your every command so let me go or you're going to wish you never ran into me," she wrinkled her eyebrows at him. He scowled off in a direction past her and saw the leather jacket he saw several thousand times in his mind. He dropped her arm, "Get lost GeGe." "My pleasure," she laughed under her breath and strutted confidently away. In that single moment Harry wished he was her. He wish he could walk away with his head held high, feeling good about himself. He'd probably never feel god about what he was, the rest of his life would be a lie and he knew it. He headed toward that leather jacket and followed it between to tall fences. the area in-between was filled with rocks and gravel. He watched him for a moment, just following, not saying anything. after the sun began to retreat be hind the tress he spoke up, loud and clear. "Hey!" The boy turned slightly startled by the suprise. "Hi," he replied softly. "I saw with him last night..." He closed the space between them took him by the collar of his jacket and slung him hard against the fence closest to them. "With who...what are you talking about," His voice was laced with nerves. "Don't play dumb with me you know exactly who, Niall," he spoke his name slow, to let it linger on his lips.
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