Silver Sky

Niall screws around with Harry, but Harry is a total closet case. But when Niall meets Zayn his whole world changes. He sneaks away to see him and everything seems so right, but all of a sudden Niall begins to see these numbers. Every person he looks at has them. They're eight simple digits, but he doesn't know what they mean, but when he finds out, he tries to change Zayn's and that causes them both to be blamed for a crime niether of them committed.


10. It's time for a makeover

NIALL I woke up first that morning. The found that woke me was shuffling feet. The sound came from not too far. Close by a flashing light caught my eye; panic filed through me. "Zayn, get up now," I pushed him up roughly quickly dressing myself. I could see the owner of the footsteps now, but they couldn't see me. "Zayn get up, the police are here we have to go," I slapped him hard. He popped up and quickly saw exactly what I was seeing. He didn't hesitate for a second, he tugged on his pants and shoved his shirt around his neck. We hadn't even bother to grab for the blankets because it was to late, the cop had spotted us. And yet again wee had to run. I was beginning to loath running more than usual. "That woman must have called the police," Zayn said. "Yeah but how could she know we came all the way here," I ask. "All the police need is a direction love. Did you think they would just go in one direction after that, they check everywhere." "You don't have to be a smart ass," I say. He looked at me and smiled as we ran and the distraction caused me to nearly trip. He thrusted out his arm to catch me and I was so grateful that he was here. The sidewalk had come up next to us and we moved onto it. We crossed the carless street and just on the other side was an electric pole and placed there with a staple was a flyer. The heading read: HAVE YOU SEEN THESE BOYS Under was a fully colored and detailed photo of both Zayn and I. My body quaked, it had only been two days and they were already putting out flyers, want the news enough. I hasn't even seen the news and yet I already knew our faces were plastered all over it. I looked into the direction we came out in to the sun, which shone at this highest. The trees here weren't as full as the ones we had slept in, so the policeman would be near and notice at any time. I turned and watched Zayn as heplaced his arms in his sleeves. Panting, he put his back against the brick walk that suit next to us and released all his weight onto it. "What are we going to do?" "I don't know, but we'll have to change..." "Change, what do you mean change," I was breathless. "Our appearance. I'll cut my hair and..." The thought of him chopping off his hair was foreign to me. I don't think I could imagine my befriend without his quiff. "And," I repeated. "You can...please don't make me say it..." I could see his pain and abruptly I hear the words within my mind. ::Die it:: "Die it, I can't believe you would ask me to do that," I say. "I didn't even say it...." "You did, I heard you," I say. His face was jacked up for a moment and then he grabbed me and pulled me into him, "Niall, I kniw it sucks. I dont want you to change it either. I love your hair you know that," he put a hand through my haur. "I love the way it looks silver in the moonlight and the way it shines in the sun...but we have no other choice." I buried my head into his shoulder and held him tight. ::I love you Niall, I don't think you understand just how much::Zayn's voice came to me in my head yet again, this time I knew it couldn't be him truly speaking, because his lips were pressed firmly against my neck. I didn't say a word, in the two days that we had been running Zayn had not once washed if the thing that cause us to get here, U hadn't planned in telling him at least not yet...especially not with this...whatever out was revealing itself. What was wrong with me...why do these things keep happening? "How are we going to get these things if we don't have money," I ask. He took his head my neck and the look on his face told me everything, we weren't using money, "Well where are we gonna go?" He looked around, but he didn't know, he'd never been around here. "Come on, we'll find something." After a while of walking together holding hands with our heads down dodging every eye we could we found a place. When we went in we headed for the craft section where Zayn picked up a pair of scissors. Tension started to build inside me as we headed for the hair products. Zayn could feel it and I could feel it in him abd we hadnt even craced open the bix if ebony die yet. In the 17 tears that I've lived I have never changed my hair, I've always been well...the same. After we had picked up the die we stopped, I looked into hus eyes, "Now what?" I didn't need to ask much because I knew that whatever wee did would involve more running, I didn't like that. I was tired of running. He pulled me our too the gardening section and out here was fairly desolate. in the furthest corner was a water hose and that's where we headed. He had me hold the mirror for him first and I tried everything not to shake and keep my head steady. As the scissors clipped through his blonde streak my heart fell. As he continued working the scissors around his head it was like looking at a new person. When it was my turn and he mixed the die we shared a look of fear. I turned my back to him and took a deep breath. "Just do," I say. He still hesitated. There was a thud on tge cement ground and I turned to inspect the situation. Zayn was gone. There was no indication of running, I could here his footsteps, he was just.... Gone....
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