Silver Sky

Niall screws around with Harry, but Harry is a total closet case. But when Niall meets Zayn his whole world changes. He sneaks away to see him and everything seems so right, but all of a sudden Niall begins to see these numbers. Every person he looks at has them. They're eight simple digits, but he doesn't know what they mean, but when he finds out, he tries to change Zayn's and that causes them both to be blamed for a crime niether of them committed.


6. It's not the glass slipper I'm worried about.

NIALL "How in the hell do you forget th put in your shoe," Egypt laughed at md through the other end of the phone. "Christ Egypt I don't know, I guess I was just moving too fast," I explain. "You know I've never taken into account your blonde hair, because I thought you were a pretty smart kid. I was wrong." I laughed into the phone, "Fuck you." My mother set a plate on the table infront of me then slapped me hard on the head, "Watch your goddamn mouth Niall." "Sorry..." "And get off the phone, it's time for dinner. " "Yes ma'am, hey GiGi I'll call you later kay?" "Mkay crayon head, love ya." My dad sat down beside me, "How was your day son?" "Boring, I sat around all day. No one's allowed over so..." "And that's the way it'll stay for a while," my mom said as she sat down. I know! you don't have to keep reminding me, I screamed inside my head. honestly every hour I can't just call GiGi and tell her to come over I wish I could go back to three days ago, but I can't. "hey honey, did you hear they found some guy dead in an alley last night," my dad spoke across to my mother. "really? they say how long he was there," she asked. I usually didn't listen to my parents conversations, but this one seemed interesting. "only a few hours, i saw it in the paper at work," he got up from the table,."I think I stuck it in my briefcase." when my father came back her slapped the paper down on the table. the heading was printed in bold black ink: MAN FOUND DEAD, MYSTERY KILLING. I let my eyes scroll down the paper and set there was a very lively photo of a familiar man. his eyebrows were thick and his lips full, his jaw line was prominently chiseled and clean shaven. as the realization came to me my chest became heavy. it was the man from the park. I read the article: 'JOSEPH BRIAN EVERDEAN WAS FOUND SPRAWLED OUT YESTERDAY EVENING, JUNE SEVENTH. POLICE HAVE KNOWLEDGE OF HOW OR WHY MR.EVERDEAN WAS MURDERED BUT ARE INVESTIGATING EVER POSSIBLE PIECE OF EVIDENCE THEY CAN...' I stopped myself as images of yesterday reeled through my mind. Joseph's hateful sneer and harsh tone of voice. the menacing look in his eyes...his eyes! "0-6-0-7-2-0-1-3...." I spoke aloud unknowingly. "What is it Niall," my mother asked. my mind was ina foggy, disoriented haze. everything inside it seemed to be spinning every which way. awestruck, I spoke, "It is June right...?" "Yes, sweetheart." 0-6.... "And yesterday was the 7th...?" "Yes," my mother laughed a little. 0-7.... and of course the year. 2-0-1-3.... This was absolutely not possible in anyway It couldn't be there's no was the numbers I see are dates of death denial permeated like rushing water through every inch of my mind I was becoming mentally unstable That's what it was of course That's what it was what other explanation could there be there was no there is no such thing as future telling all of that psychic stuff is total bullshit. "Niall, Niall what's wrong," my mother's voice was filled with panic. I had been so subdued in my internal thoughts that I hadn't noticed myself begin to hyperventilate. My breath was coming out in huge pants and my body was shaking, I could only imagine the look on my face as I blacked out.
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