Silver Sky

Niall screws around with Harry, but Harry is a total closet case. But when Niall meets Zayn his whole world changes. He sneaks away to see him and everything seems so right, but all of a sudden Niall begins to see these numbers. Every person he looks at has them. They're eight simple digits, but he doesn't know what they mean, but when he finds out, he tries to change Zayn's and that causes them both to be blamed for a crime niether of them committed.


8. Hobo Inductees

NIALL Everything was illuminated tonight. The moon's silver light was reflected over the black clouds. The sky seemed silver and it was beautiful, I wished I could really enjoy the power of it but with this feeling of rebellion churning in my stomach I couldn't enjoy anything, not even the loose hold of Zayn's arms around me. even with us being so close I could feel his disconnection and it was highly disorienting. It had barely been 24 hours and I couldn't handle the fact that the police were looking for us, but Zayn's disconnection made everything worse. I should be grateful, at least he hasn't left my side. Don't kid yourself Niall, the only reason he's here is because of his grandmother, something deep within my head spoke the truth I didn't want to admit. I didn't let myself believe that, I took the hand of the arm that was around me and squeezed it tight and didn't let it go until I fell asleep. ZAYN It wasn't the cracking sizzle of bacon that woke him that morning, it was the rushing wind pounding against his face. His stomach turned with hunger but of course there was no home around him so that meant no refrigerator for him to go downstairs to. He could smell himself and it was a ghastly unpleasent smell already. I guess that's what you when you decide to sleep where the Homeless sleep. Niall tossed and and turned beside him. Zayn sat up and gazed deeply at Niall. Here was beautiful of course he couldn't deny that, but was it terrible that he began to resent meeting him that night nearly two months ago. You don't really believe that a boy so beautiful and innocent could cause such a thing too happen, something good inside him spoke up. that good thing, whatever it was, was right. Zayn didn't believe that Niall could cause such a thing. He was sweet and funny and the midst amazing person in the world to be around, he wouldn't hurt someone even I'd they were hurting him. So naive, did you forget it was the soft and sensitive ones that always destroyed you're like back home in Bradford, these negative part of his mill's came forth and he couldn't deny it's truth either. he studied Niall in slumber, the soft look off his features and the flawless blonde of his hair. he put a hand out on his cheek as his stomach growled at him. He was falling in love with Niall and he knew that but something inside him told him it was dangerous and he had never been afraid of his feelings but right now he was. Footsteps echoed through the short tunnel like structure and Zayn looked up defensively narrowing his milk chocolate eyes. "You must be new around here," the man's voice was aged and strained. "We won't be here long," he replied. the old man laughed a little, "That's what they all say." Something hot boiled inside Zayn it was the same feeling he had nearly a month ago when...he didn't want to recap that moment in his mind. "Niall, Niall love wake up," he urged. a noise escaped his throat and his eyes slowly parted open. A smirk spread across his face but Zayn had no clue what it was that her could be happy about. there was nothing happy about our situation. nothing at all. NIALL I could see the uncomfortable look on Zayn's face but I didn't take it to heart, I know he didn't want to be here in this mess but neither did I, we'll just have to deal with it and I can try my hardest to do that, I just hope he can...I don't think I'd bee able to do this if he left me here alone. That's what made me smile as I sat up, the fact that he was still there, right next to me. him being there settled the hunger in my stomach, it settled everything around me it seemed. I loved it. I loved...never mind. "What's wrong, where are we going," I asked. he didn't know, I could see it in his hot chocolate eyes. he stood and looked to the other end of the tunnel, "Why must you always ask questions?" I didn't want to take what he said offensively, but something inside me had. why did it seem like everything was going to head down hill, I could feel him pulling away from me, but for what reason? I didn't see that there was any.... He reached down and grabbed his backpack where all of his things were already tucked away, "Get up, let's go," he began to walk away from me. If he went on like this, his distance would kill me.
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