Silver Sky

Niall screws around with Harry, but Harry is a total closet case. But when Niall meets Zayn his whole world changes. He sneaks away to see him and everything seems so right, but all of a sudden Niall begins to see these numbers. Every person he looks at has them. They're eight simple digits, but he doesn't know what they mean, but when he finds out, he tries to change Zayn's and that causes them both to be blamed for a crime niether of them committed.


4. Every rose has it's thorne

Zayn His nerves were shot, he didn't kniw how on earth to react; he had never in his life been in any sort of altercation before. His heart thudded and blood pulsed through his body and an invigorating pace. His hand became cement blocks on his arms. He wrinkled his eyebrows and the flame sputtered to life inside of him. "You stay your foreign ass away from Niall understand! He belongs to me," The curly haired boys grip tightened and Zayn's neck began pulsing. He didn't know what was happening and how he could control it, was there a way to control it. He had always been a happy person, he never remembered feeling such a defensive hatred. "Who are you to tell him what goes," He spoke through his teeth. "I'm Harry Styles and what I say goes." Zayn looked into Harry's eyes and the inferno had now reached his chest and commenced spreading at an alarming rate. "I don't think so," Zayn's breath quickly became heavy. "Aww is someone getting angry, c'mon, hit me. Little bitch," Harry laughed out evey word he spoke. Harry slamed him harder against the fence clenching Zayn's jacket until he was white-knuckled. "Get your hands of me. Now," Zayn barley even parted his lips to speak. His anger was so evident now that it was hard for him to focus. Everything around him faded in and out, his legs shook like an earthquake. All he really wanted to do was scream nothing like this had ever happened to him before. ever since he moved here he had been starting to discover new things about himself. He swung at Harry and suddenly everything went black.
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