I'm Yours

Well, this is about Violet Jones (25 years old) and Maroon 5's frontman Adam Levine. It is actually a love story, and it shows little by little how have the characters developed through the past without actually being in the past. So it kinda goes in a random time. Anyway, the funny thing is whether or not they will end together, cause even if it seems they might do it, I'm not quite sure if they will. Hope you like it, please comment and everything so I can keep it up :)


2. May 20, 2009


-Violet's POV-


I've always liked the beach. Surfing, or just being there is pleasant. Well, almost always. I have to say that I find it a relief since I was 16. It all started when my parents fought a lot. They were yelling at each other almost every week, it was awful. I began to felt so bad that I took the car and went out for a ride. Most of the time I called Alice to tell her were I was going to be. If my parents realized I wasn't home from one source or another they'll call her first. Anyway, while I was at the beach I meet some people who later taught me how to surf. I was a pro by the time I got 19.

However, the sea can play some bad tricks sometimes. I was lucky that time, but the feeling of fear never went away after that. I was happily surfing close to the seashore, I remember it wasn't far because if not nobody would have seen me, when this great wave came out and it was for sure I had to go on it. Then, it all started to fall apart. 

I was so focused on my own that the last I could see was the moment in which I was landing into a rock. Yeah, a rock, a magnificent obstacle that went on my way. Still, I saw it right before I smashed over it, but my right leg hit it anyway. I screamed at the single touch the rough thing made on my skin, and while I was inside of the water I could see the blood in the middle of the clear liquid. 

The pain started to spread over my leg as the salt touched my wound. I yelled asking for help, since I wasn't able to swim, and fortunately a man came out for me. I don't remember much of him... just his hazel eyes... but don't worry, all this happened around April. Neither my parents nor anybody else, excluding the stranger, know about the scar I have on my leg, and right now I'm feeling as good as I always do.

"Vio, you ready?" I heard Alice calling out for me.

"Sure! I'll be out in a sec"

"Hurry up, the party's starting at eight!"

Alice, always worrying for making it on time. I put on my high heels and went out. "Damn, I have the prettiest friend..." said Alice, trying to look astonished. "Yeah sure *laugh*, c'mon, gimme the keys." She threw me my BMW's keys and we headed to the party. It was at the house of a friend of my father, well actually it was of his son, but it was nice anyway. Since my father's a business man, he's always meeting "important" people and blah blah, so I try to be nice and meet people too in case I need any kind of favor.

When we arrived, we found nothing else but a huge, seriously huge, crowd of people in a house huge enough to keep them all inside. I swear that place was so crowded I barely saw a thing between the neon lights. However, I liked this kind of environments. Like I told you, my parents fought a lot and I sneaked out often, so I went to several parties by my own while I was at middle school. I still go to parties often, but not as excessively as I used to.

So there I was, sitting alone, because Alice was happily dancing with the guy that owned the party, until a man sat next to me. I tried to ignore him, I barely saw his face until he talked and I couldn't refuse to reply.

"Do I know you?" He asked with a smile. Something about him was familiar, I thought I knew who he was, but I bet I had never talked to him. Besides, the few light made me doubt of who he could be.

"No... I... I am sure I haven't talked to you ever"

He showed me his white smile again, he was so handsome, but I tried to play it cool. "Are you sure? I could swear I have seen you before... at the beach I think..."

"Really? Aren't you confusing me with someone else? Because I haven't been at the beach since almost a month ago"

He cut out his sight from me for a moment, like trying to remember something, and I texted Alice immediately. I didn't know what to do, and what if he asked me out? No, I couldn't tale any chances.

"Just don't try to jump over his arms, haha ;) Try to be a little though if he asks you out, don't make it easy, they like that!" was her answer.

"Alright," I said to myself, "don't be easy, and play it cool..." 

"Do you surf?" His words brought my attention back to him instantly. 

"Yes, why? Do you?"

"Oh no... I'd love to, but I'm kinda scared of sharks. *laughs* I know it's stupid, but it's just a thought of mine"

"No, you're right. *laughs* Those things are dangerous!"

He laughed back at me. Then it came something I seriously wasn't expecting, because since I have that scar on my leg I've become more insecure when it comes to wearing to dresses and all that, so I try to use loose ones that get to my knees. Well anyway, he took his hand and placed it exactly where my scar was. Not so high on my hip, more on the middle of my lap. I jumped a little when he did, which made his eyebrows rise to me. "So we do know, uh?"

"I'm sorry, I just didn't expect you to-" His words cut mine right then. "Get you out of the water?" He said with a winner smile. 

"No, no, what are you saying?" I was begging to feel uncomfortable, since he was getting closer. "Just say it! We do know each other!"

"I swear I'd recognize you if I did!" With that single phrase he lowered his head. I thought he was upset so I was about to apologize when he moved his hand quickly under my dress and raised it enough to see my scar clearly. I took of his hand and yelled "What the hell is wrong with you?" I stood up and left him.

He stood up too and took my hand to stop me. "Wait, please. I did meat to bother you. I'm a huge pain in the ass, I know. But please listen." I turned and said, "What? What is so important, asshole?"

He gave me a look of "seriosly?" then he said, "First of all, being and asshole and a pain in the ass is completely different. Second, I just wanted to make sure it was you. Violet, isn't it? I remember it from the hospital. You were bleeding, and I couldn't bear to look at somebody like that..."

"So? What do you want?"

"What about going out?"

"I..." then I thought of Alice saying I had to be though, "cannot..."

"Oh please, I'm begging you. Go out with me. And if you don't, I'll go into a panic attack and won't stop screaming until you do."

"Yeah sure *laughs*... still, no..." Right then he started yelling so loud everybody turned to see him. I was so embarrassed that I shut his mouth with my hand and said, "Fine, fine! I'll go out with ya! Argh, you act so childish!" 

He kissed my cheek and whispered thank you. Then he ran to the stage where the host of the party was. "People, I'd like to meet my friend Mr. Adam Levine!" 

"No way!" I said to myself. He climbed up to the stage and started to chat with him. Finally he said, "We're so glad Maroon 5 accepted our invitation to the party! Rock the stage, guys!" Holy shit, I have a date with Adam Levine!! 

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